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Fan filter unit unit

Product characteristics: high wind volume, high static pressure, high efficiency, low noise

Multiple safety devices: current overload protection loop, fault indication

Humanization skills: attached handles, handling installation, beautiful body appearance

Product model: SL-15CDCZAN1

Product Features:

High efficiency, low noise turbo fan: [3D turbine fan] using computer analysis design, high stamp, high static pressure, high efficiency, low noise, has achieved the most applicable perfect realm.

Elasticity, diversified considerations: In addition to the specific model, it can be transformed into different specifications according to customer needs. Such as filter type, body material, etc.

Thoughtful, convenient design: Additional front filter box above the body, make the front filter installation, more convenient when repairing.

Aesthetic, humanized sorrowful thinking: with a handle, not only is easy to carry, but the body is more beautiful.

Multiple safety devices: current overload protection loop, fault indication, fault, and operational contacts (NC and NO), etc.

DC brushless motor design: energy saving and reducing operating costs.


Due to the different needs of the semiconductor, the liquid crystal manufacturing, etc. If you need a Boron filter, it is recommended to use a PTFE filter. When testing the air filter collection efficiency, if you cannot accept the DOP (Di Octyl phthalate) test, please inform us to use Silica particles without taking testing without water or air.






Module size


In addition to the labeling of the module size,
Different demands change design




Main filter


MPPS: ≥99.95% (H13)

DOP: ≥99.99%@0.3μm

MPPS: ≥99.995% (H14)

DOP: ≥99.999%@0.3μm


MPPS: ≥99.9995% (U15)

DOP: ≥99.9995%@0.1~0.2μm

MPPS: ≥99.99995% (U16)

DOP: ≥99.99995%@0.1~0.2μm

MPPS: ≥99.999995% (U17)

DOP: ≥99.999995%@0.1~0.2μm

power supply


AC 1PH, 200 ~ 240, 50 / 60Hz

If you have other special power requirements, please contact us.

Optional accessories

Differential difference (or interface), air outlet initial filter, venting air inlet
EBM fan, industrial integrated machine, wind surface scatter board, power cord, chemical filter

Remark: 1 Performance resistance tolerance ± 10%   2 can provide special sizes

Model Description:

Fan filter unit group

Product drawings

Fan filter unit group

Fan filter unit group

Service space:

The maintenance space is maintained above 30 cm above the body.


Daily inspection:

Implement the inspection before the start of every day, find abnormal situations, immediately turn off the power and take corrections.

Inspection item

Judgment standard

Turbine fan and motor

Does the turbine fan have an abnormal sound, if the abnormal sound is heard, please confirm that there is no vast thing in the wind turbine and whether the sound of the motor is abnormal. If the motor has problems, please replace the motor.


There is no damage, stain, etc. in the surface of the filter.

Aerodynamic appearance

There is no damage to the appearance of the body.

Regular maintenance:

Regularly checked by a dealer or maintenance person.

Part Name

Check frequency

Part design life


Once a year

5 years


5 years


5 years


5 years

Other electrical parts and wiring materials

5 years

Indicator light

5 years


5 years (depending on the place of use)

Outer box and other components

Resin Part: 5 years
Other parts: 5 years


FFU troubleshooting


possible reason

Abnormal exclusion measures

Turbine fan is not working

Power is not open

Turn on the power

PCB bad

Replace PCB

Fuse burning

Exclude overcurrent factors (or replace fuses)

Motor failure

Replace motor

Turbine fan produces anomalies (in operation)

Motor housing contact with turbine fan

Contact distributors and adopt suitable measures

Light does not shine

Indicator fault

Replacement indicator

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