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Features and uses of medium-efficiency air filters

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The medium-efficiency filter belongs to the F series filter among the air filters. The F series of medium-efficiency air filters are divided into bag-type and non-bag-type. The bag-type includes plate-type medium-efficiency filters, partition-type medium-efficiency filters, and combined medium-efficiency filters.

Medium efficiencyair filterThere are two kinds of bag type and non-bag type. The medium-efficiency bag filter includes F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, and the non-bag type includes FB (plate-type medium-efficiency filter), FS (partition-type medium-efficiency filter) ), FV (combined medium efficiency filter).

The frame of the bag-type medium-efficiency filter has aluminum frame, galvanized frame, etc., the filter material includes non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber, etc., the filter particle size is 1 ~ 5um, the filter efficiency is 60 ~ 95% (colorimetric method), the filter material is usually divided into They are: F5 (white), F6 (green), F7 (pink), F8 (light yellow), F9 (dark yellow).

The bag-type medium-efficiency filter has a large windward surface, so it has a large amount of air dust and low wind speed, and is considered to be the best medium-efficiency filter structure currently. Shandong snyli Purification Medium-Efficiency Bag Typeair filterIt can be used as an ideal medium-efficiency filter, used in humid, high airflow and dust load environments.

1. Purpose

Medium efficiencyair filterIt is used to filter dust with a particle size of 1-10μm. Generally, glass fiber filters and non-woven fabric filters with a filter fiber diameter of about 10μm and medium and fine-pore foam filters are used. Medium-efficiency filters are mainly used in the intermediate filtration of central air-conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, food, and other industrial purifications; they can also be used as front-end filters of high-efficiency filtration to reduce the load of high-efficiency filtering and extend their service life.

2. Features

Capture 1-5μm particle dust and various suspended solids;

Using hot melt technology, the structure is stable and the risk of leakage is reduced;

Large air volume;

Low resistance;

High dust holding capacity;

Can be used repeatedly for cleaning;

Filter material: special non-woven fabric or glass fiber;

The efficiency is as high as 95%.

3. Replacement cycle

The pressure difference on both sides of the filter is close to 1.5-2 times of the initial pressure difference; when the running time is long, but the pressure difference is quite different from the value of 1.5-2 times the initial pressure difference, it should be checked and replaced every 1-1.5 months .

When the filter is damaged, an open hole appears; the filter must be scrapped after being cleaned three times.

4. Cleaning instructions

Check filter: expandair filter, Visually check whether the filter is intact and whether the fiber holes are too large, if intact, clean it.

Prepare cleaning fluid

Put 1.5m3 of drinking water in a stainless steel sink or plastic sink;

Put an appropriate amount of liquid soap according to the initial effect quantity, and stir evenly. Under normal circumstances, 9-16 filter bags will put 0.5kg of liquid soap.


Soak the replaced filter bag in the cleaning solution for 30 minutes;

Wash the soaked filter bag by hand;

After cleaning, rinse with drinking water (the rinsing method is: continuous draining while pouring water into the sink, and at the same time pat and wash by hand until the water is clean).               Mobile: 13355281100
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