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Filter selection

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The efficiency of the filters at all levels is determined based on the use of the place of use. Normally, the end filter determines the degree of air cleaning, the pre-grade filter to protect the end filter, that is, extend the service life of the end filter, reduce maintenance, and protect the air conditioning system.
Specific process:
1. Determine the efficiency of the final filter according to the cleanliness requirements;
2. Select the protection filter of the final frame, if desired, the filter that is typically protected by the front-level protection filter of the intermediate filter is referred to as a pre-filter;
3. Select the pre-filter and use the environment, spare parts cost, running energy consumption, maintenance and supply, etc.
4. Special attention: The high-efficiency air filter at the end of the clean room requires the protection of a filter that is not less than F8 (mainly for the processing of new winds), and the air conditioning system also requires the protection of air filters;

5. Determine the point of the filter: The performance of the final filter is reliable, the efficiency specifications of the pre-filter are reasonable, and it is easy to maintain.               Mobile: 13355281100
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