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Four characteristics of high temperature air filter

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High temperature air filterMaterial hasThose characteristicsThe editor of Shandong snyli Purification will answer youHigh temperature air filter hasThe following four characteristics: high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, functionality, and good process applicability.

1, At present, the high-temperature flue gas is filtered by first cooling and then dust removal. Generally, the high-temperature flue gas is cooled to250°CBelow, but still belongs to high-temperature flue gas, high-temperature-resistant filter materials are required, and the requirements for non-woven filter materials are higher. For cost and service life considerations, the temperature resistance range of the high temperature resistant filter material is required to be within200°CAbove, it also requires continuous high temperature resistance.

2, The filter material of the high temperature resistant air filter must have sufficient mechanical strength under high temperature conditions to help improve the stability of the filter material in production and use. The breaking strength of the fiber used in general industrial high temperature flue gas filter material is higherThe filter equipment made of high-strength filter material after folding has strong impact resistance, increases the effective filter area, thereby improving its filter performance, which has great practical significance.

3, High temperature air filter is with the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of industrialization level, many specific industries and fields also put forward high requirements for the functionality of high temperature air filter materials. The multi-functional, high-efficiency, high-temperature-resistant air filter material has strong pertinence. For example, different applications require one or more of the functions of corrosion resistance, antistatic, flame retardant, and antibacterial. With the continuous increase in demand and the expansion of application fields, high temperature resistant air filter materials with many different functions are an important development direction in the future.

4, When the high temperature resistant air filter filter material is used in the air filter, some need to be folded into a pleated filter material with a tortuous surface. The pleated filter material has good air permeability, large filtering area and dust holding capacity, and strong resistance to stretching and breaking. Most of the current pleated filter materials use surface-treated fiber filter materials and membrane-coated filter materials. The high temperature resistant filter material used in the pleated filter material can play its own advantages and improve the overall performance of the filter.               Mobile: 13355281100
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