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Four important indicators affecting the air filter

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air filterIt is an air filtration device that is the main function of filtering dust in the air to purify the gas into the room, generally used in a clean factory, clean room and laboratory. At present, the air filter is a means of air purification, which can say that the indoor cleanliness is determined. The performance of the air filter is mainly air volume, filtration efficiency, air resistance and dust removal, which is also the four main indicators affecting the filter. The air filter is mainly divided into an initial filter, a polynary filter, a sub-high-efficiency filter, a high-efficiency filter, a super high efficiency filter. Air volume, filtration efficiency, air resistance, and dust collector are four main indicators affecting the air filter. In addition, air supply and filter life are also very important parameters.

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1, air volume: via filter = filter cross section wind speed × filter cross-sectional area (m2) × 3600m3
2, filtering efficiency: under the rated air volume, the air dust concentration N1, N2 of the filter before and after the filter, is referred to as the percentage of the dust concentration of the filter before the filter is referred to as the filter power A.
Evaluation of the finishing effect of the filter is often more intuitive. Penetration Rate K refers to a percentage of dust concentration in front of the filter before the filter.
3, air resistance: The resistance encountered by the air flow through the filter is the component of the total resistance of the system. The resistance increases with the increase in the speed.
The resistance of the evaluation filter must be raised with a rated air volume, and the resistance of the filter increases with the increase of the dust elimination; the resistance when the new filter is used, and the resistance of the dust removal is determined. resistance.
Generally, the final resistance of the high efficiency filter is approximately twice the primary resistance.
4, the amount of dust: It is the dust inside the filter when the final resistance is reached under the rated air volume.
It is to be noted that the function of the air filter is to filter out dust particles and the main measures of sterilization.
This is because dust particles are often used as a carrier of bacteria. If the dust in the air, the bacteria is very easy to attach it, so the dust is filtered, which is equivalent to filtered out a large batch of bacteria.
In addition, in any of the following conditions, high-efficiency air filters should be replaced.
1. In the case where the initial gas pressure of the fan is unchanged, the airflow speed drops to the low level, even if it replaces the initial effect,
air filterAfter that, the airflow speed still cannot increase.
2, the resistance of the high-efficiency air filter reaches 1.5 to 2 times the initial resistance.
3, high efficiency
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