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Four important indicators that affect air filters

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air filterIt is a device for air filtration. Its main function is to filter the dust in the air, so that the gas entering the room can be purified. It is widely used in clean places in electronics, crystal materials, medical and pharmaceutical, biological laboratories and other industries.

Next, snyli Purification Editor will take you to understand the four important indicators that affect the air filter:

Air volume

The air volume passing the filter = the wind speed of the filter section × the filter cross-sectional area (m²) × 3600m³

Filtration efficiency

Under the rated air volume, the difference between the air dust concentration N1 and N2 before and after the filter and the percentage of the air dust concentration before the filter is called the filter power A.

It is often more intuitive to use the penetration rate to evaluate the final effect of the filter. The penetration rate K refers to the percentage of dust concentration in the air after the filter and before the filter.

air resistance

The resistance encountered by the air flowing through the filter is part of the total resistance of the system. The resistance increases as the filtration rate increases.

The resistance of the filter must be evaluated based on the rated air volume, and the resistance of the filter increases with the increase of dust; the resistance when the new filter is used is called the initial resistance, and the resistance when the dust holding capacity reaches the specified maximum is called the final resistance.

Generally, the final resistance of medium-efficiency and high-efficiency filters is about twice the initial resistance.

Dust holding capacity

It is the amount of dust inside the filter when the final resistance is reached at the rated air volume.

According to the parameters of the rated dust holding capacity of the air filter, the service life of the air filter can be calculated. The service life of the air filter generally takes the time to reach the rated dust holding capacity as the service life of the filter.

The above are the four important indicators that affect the air filter introduced by the editor of snyli Purification. I hope it will be helpful to users. Shandong snyli Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional service provider of air purification products integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The main business includes: air filters at all levels, liquid tank filters, chemical filters, winding filters, FFU, air outlets, laminar flow hoods, air showers, transfer windows, clean sheds, clean engineering, etc. We can customize and produce a variety of non-standard size and specifications of primary efficiency filters, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filters, activated carbon filters and other air filter products that meet customer needs. snyli Purification has an independent factory building of more than 10,000 square meters, and the factory has Professional and complete production lines such as full-servo CNC punch presses, bending machines, air filter production equipment at all levels, and automatic scanning test benches can quickly provide customers with large quantities of air filter products and provide good services.               Mobile: 13355281100
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