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Frequent six causes for wind shower

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Windshore room

In useWindshore roomIn the process, sometimes the phenomenon of the wind shower is not blowing, the following points are several cases often encountered by daily customers, and can be referred to the failure.

(1) First check whether the power switch and the emergency stop switch are in turn on, if two reasons are not, check the circuit, and the leakage switch is closed.

(2) Whether the FUSE fuse configured by the IC board is blown, such as the fuse of the fuse, the 4A fuse is required.

(3) Check if the micro switch and the photoelectric switch move, if there is no action, the micro switch and photoelectric switch should be replaced.

(4) If the AC contactor does not work, it affects the blow, and the AC contactor is required.

(5) If the circuit board cannot output a signal in an AC contactor coil, it is necessary to change the IC circuit board.

(6)Windshore roomIt is not allowed to open the door when it is blown, and if you encounter an emergency, you can stop the shutdown on the emergency stop.

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