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Frequently Asked Questions about High Efficiency Air Filters in Cleanroom Junior High Schools (1)

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Clean room junior high schoolHigh efficiency air filtercommon problemWhatThe editor of Shandong snyli Purification will answer these related questions in detail below.

1, What is the actual size and nominal size of the high efficiency filter with or without partition?

Answer: Whether there are partitions and why the HEPA filter has actual size and nominal size, because the nominal size is the filter including the outer frame and filter material, and the actual size generally excludes the outer frame and only calculates the width and Height, depth and area of the filter material.

2, What are the similarities and differences between the partitioned and non-partitioned high-efficiency filters?

Answer: High efficiency filters can be divided into: high efficiency with partitions and high efficiency without partitions.

   The partitioned high-efficiency filter is made of ultra-fine glass fiber as filter material, rubber paper, aluminum platinum as partition board, and wooden frame or aluminum alloy frame glue. It has high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large air volume. Advantages, widely used in various local purification equipment and clean workshops.

   The partitionless high efficiency filter uses ultra-fine glass fiber as the filter material and hot melt adhesive as the separator. It is assembled with various outer frames, and the outer frame is beautiful. Compared with the partitioned high efficiency filter, it has the same air volume. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure and reliable performance.

3、 What are the standard folding numbers, folding heights, and formula conversions of the filter media for high efficiency filters with and without partitions?

Answer: The folded height of the filter paper with partitions is generally shorter than the height of the nominal size30mm~34mmLeft and right, the number of folds is mainly determined by the tightness of the separator paper and the assembly of filter paper and separator paper. The curvature of the separator paper is calculated according to the standard, generally4mm,less than4 mmIf there are partitions, the number of partitions will be more. If the assembly is loose, the result will be counterproductive. The partitions with partitions will be less. The number of filter paper folding without partitions is mainly due to the high folding of the filter paper and the tightness of the filter paper. The degree is determined.

4\"PP HEPA\"And glass fiber\"HEPA\"The similarities and differences?

answer:\"PP HEPA\"And glass fiber\"HEPAThe comparison table of \" is as follows:

PPHEPAglass fiberHEPA

Skin irritation

Fiber shedding Existing and shedding fibers are serious harm to the human body

Filter effect

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