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High efficiency air filter installation consideration

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I. Product characteristics and use of high efficiency air filter

Ordinary high efficiency air filters are an air filtration device in a clean system, which can reach a particulate filtering efficiency of 0.3 μm in the air to 99.99% or more. Mainly applied to high cleanliness such as electronics, medicine, food, precision instruments. Its transportation, installation, etc. must be carried out in strict accordance with this requirements to ensure that the filter can be properly and reasonable.

Second, the handling and storage of high efficiency air filters

During the handling process, you must be transported in the direction of the diagonal direction of the box. Be careful carefully when carrying, prevent the filter from sliding and damage the filter.

No external force of more than 20kg or more is on the filter. When carrying, both hands and other objects cannot collide with filter.

The storage location should be a good temperature, cleaning, dry, dry and ventilated system.

Third, high efficiency air filter installation and adjustment

The high efficiency air filter should be mounted in an environment of normal temperature, normal pressure, and normal humidity. If the operating conditions are bad, it will inevitably shortened the life of the filter, and it will not work properly after installation. Before installing, the filter appearance is detected, which is damaged, broken, and the filter is damaged.

Be sure to pay attention to the sealing between the filter and the mounting frame (or box) during the installation process.





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