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High efficiency filter maintenance skills

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Shandong snyli high-efficiency filter, fine glass fiber paper material, rubber plate, aluminum film and other materials are made of segmentation plates, which are made from the high-efficiency filter. Each unit has been tested after testing, with high filtering efficiency, low resistance and high dust removal.

How does the high efficiency filter maintained?
1. The high efficiency filter is not allowed to tear or open the package or packaging film before installation, and the air filter should be stored in the direction of the high-efficiency filter box; during the handling of the high-efficiency air filter, Should be lighter, gently, avoid vigorous vibration and collision.
2. The transportation and storage of high efficiency filters should be put on hold in the direction of the production plant logo. During the transportation process, it should be gently put, prevent severe vibration and collision, and can not be forced to load.
3. For high efficiency filters, the installation direction must be correct: When using a corrugated board combination filter, the corrugated board must be perpendicular to the ground; the connection between the filter is in vertical and framework, which is strictly forbidden to leak, deform, and damage. And leakage glue, etc., must ensure that the inner wall is cleaned, no floating dust, oil, rust and debris.
4. Before the high-efficiency filter is installed, the clean room must be fully cleaned, wiped, purifying the air conditioning system, if there is dust, it should be cleaned, cleaned, cleaning the cleaning requirements. If a high-efficiency filter is installed in a technique sandwich or ceiling, a comprehensive cleaning should also be performed in a technical layer or ceiling.
5. For high efficiency filters, when the filter value is greater than 450Pa; or when the airflow speed is lowered to a relatively low limit, even if it replaces the initial, the medium-effect filter, the airflow speed does not increase; or when efficient The surface of the filter cannot be repaired, and the new high-efficiency filter must be replaced.               Mobile: 13355281100
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