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How a good purification engineering company improves purification

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Today's pharmaceutical industry, medical and health industry, electronics industry, food industry, etc. are inseparable from purification engineering.Sony Purification ProjectIt can provide enterprises with a controlled environment that meets production needs, because this directly affects the quality of products. With the implementation of the GMP certification system and the upgrading of China's industrial structure, it provides secondary development opportunities for purification technology. Weifang purification engineering technology must be innovative and develop towards high technology and low cost.

In order to improve the purification effect faster, there must be certain principles of compliance:

1. Strict aseptic operation is necessary to avoid microbial contamination. Operators should turn off the UV lamp before entering the sterile room.

2. The aseptic room should be equipped with aseptic operation room and buffer room. The cleanliness of the aseptic operation room should reach 10000 level, the indoor temperature should be kept at 20-24℃, and the humidity kept at 45-60%.

3. The sterile room should be sterilized and cleaned regularly with a suitable disinfectant to ensure that the cleanliness of the sterile room meets the requirements.

4.Sony Purification ProjectBefore the operators enter the sterile room, it is necessary to wash and disinfect their hands with pans or disinfectant, and then replace the special work clothes, shoes, hats, masks and gloves in the buffer room before entering the sterile room for operation.

Sony Purification ProjectIn addition to the above principles, more purification workshops can be designed, and a clean workshop is a good production workshop. You can also understand the simple design of the purification workshop:

1. The indoor air purification system can be divided into horizontal laminar flow, vertical laminar flow and turbulent flow. The choice of the airflow form is based on conventions, and the other depends on the working parameters of the room.

2. The cleanliness of the room depends on the number of air changes per unit time, so carefully consider the nature of the room's work and the requirements of the production process, and then determine the technical parameters of the purification system.

3. In order to ensure that the airflow is almost undisturbed, structural design must be carried out. The necessary caution can prevent the accumulation of dust anywhere in the room.               Mobile: 13355281100
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