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How effective is the high-efficiency air filter for controlling dust particles in the air

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High-efficiency filter without partition

In layman's terms, laminar flow is the air layer in the room.High efficiency air filterIf dust particles in a clean room move in laminar flow, that means the operation of dust particles in the air. In the clean room or dust-free workshop of the air conditioning system, the air in the high efficiency air filter room is non-laminar, which means that the suspended particles in the air mix rapidly, which can also make the static particles in the room fly again, and part of the air There may also be stagnation.

High-efficiency air filters mainly control bacteria, fungi and viruses. Because microorganisms are mainly attached to dust particles, effective control of dust particles in the air can also effectively control bacteria, fungi and viruses in the air. To achieve this, it must be filtered through a particulate high-efficiency air filter. Generally, the filtration efficiency of ordinary high-efficiency air filters for bacteria can reach 99.996%, which can basically meet the filtration and purification requirements of biological clean rooms.

High efficiency air filter, The main filtering principle is the principle of inertia. The filter particles are large, easy to accumulate dust, and block the high efficiency air filter, thereby reducing its service life. The production of self-cleaning uses a special structure and filter material to make it have a self-cleaning function. Large particles cannot be attached to the high efficiency air filter, will not affect the filtration efficiency, and extend the service life of the air high efficiency air filter.               Mobile: 13355281100
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