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How long is the replacement cycle of the medium -efficiency filter?

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Medium -efficiency filter

air filterIt is the core device of the air conditioning purification system. The filter forms resistance to the air. As the filter accumulates dust, the filter resistance will increase. When the filter has too many dust accumulation and the resistance is too high, the filter will be reduced through the air volume, or the filter is penetrated. Therefore, when the resistance of the filter increases to a certain specified value, the filter will be scrapped. Therefore, the use of filters must master the appropriate use cycle. When the filter is not damaged, the service life is generally determined by resistance.

The life of the filter depends on the advantages and disadvantages of its own, such as: filtering materials, filtering area, structural design, initial resistance, etc., but also related to the dust concentration in the air, actual air volume, setting of final resistance, and other factors. Essence

Mastering the appropriate use cycle, we must understand the changes in its resistance. First of all, we must understand the following definition:

1. Rating at the initial resistance: Under the rated air volume, the initial resistance provided by the filter sample, filter characteristic curve or filter detection report.

2. Design initial resistance: Under the system design air volume, filter resistance.

3. Operation at the beginning of operation: At the beginning of the system, the resistance of the filter, if there is no measuring instrument to measure the pressure, can only take the resistance under the design air as the initial resistance (the actual air volume cannot be exactly equal to the design air volume);

During the operation, the resistance of the filter should be checked regularly (the resistance monitoring device should be installed in each filter section) to determine when to replace the filter.

generallyJunior high school effect air filterThe resistance value is greater than or equal to the initial resistance of 2 × design or running, and it is recommended to replace it. If the dust concentration in the use environment is large, the life cycle of this use will decrease.

If the filter uses a clean filter material, the filter material is replaced. You can use water or solution containing a neutral detergent to rinse and cool, and then replace it; it is recommended to clean up at most twice.

2. Precautions for replacing junior high school efficiency filters:

Regularly check whether the filter in the air is blocked by the wind surface, and whether the surface of the filter material is damaged; if there is an object to block the surface, it should be cleaned; Re -installation; when installing the filter, it is necessary to ensure the sealing of the edge of the frame to prevent the air volume from leakage; do not use heavy objects to hit the surface of the filter, do not force the filter surface of the filter; to ensure the guarantee; The filtering effect and increase of the use of the air supply.

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