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How often does the FFU in the clean shed replace the high efficiency filter?

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Inside the clean shedFFUThe high-efficiency filter used is actually installed at the top of the air outlet, which is the high-efficiency filter that comes with the FFU. How often should it be replaced?

Most people do not have a unified answer to the question of how often the FFU in the clean shed should replace the high efficiency filter. Most people in the industry believe that the service life of the FFU high efficiency filter in the clean shed is the same as that of the general clean room high efficiency filter. Like the device, it is based on its own usage.

The current clean room shares the statistical results according to industry data:

1. Clean shedFFUHigh-efficiency filters are generally considered to be replaced in about 1-2 years;

2. Of course, for high-grade clean sheds, it may be necessary to advance appropriately, and generally consider replacing them within a year.               Mobile: 13355281100
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