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How should we clean the different parts of the medium efficiency filter!

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Medium efficiency filterConsists of many components. When cleaning each different part, the corresponding method is different. Let's take a closer look at how we should clean the different parts of the medium efficiency filter!

Medium efficiency filter

1. During the operation of the negative ion device in the air filter, the surrounding environment may become dirty due to static electricity, so it should always be wiped around the negative ion device.

The negative ion device is manufactured by simulating the ionization principle in nature. Its service life is very short, so the air outlet should be as close as possible to the human breathing area to maximize its effect.

3. The air inlet of general air filtration equipment is equipped with a filter. This is a filtering gateway for dust particles. Generally, it is easy to disassemble for cleaning. It is also a place with a lot of dust, and it will also affect the intake efficiency, so it is always very clean.

4. Just buy the equipment and carefully read the product manual to see if there are special precautions, such as the use of chlorine dioxide formaldehyde remover in the wardrobe to adsorb formaldehyde, but the oxidizing gas it produces will also make the wardrobe

5. Regardless of the air filtration equipment, don't forget to replace the filter element regularly during use. The time to replace the filter element can be determined according to the actual use time and the conditions of different products to help the equipment run better.

Everyone should ask the manufacturer as much as possible when buying. Under normal circumstances, the frequency of cleaning the filter, and then tell your own filtering environment in time, for example, whether the temperature of the filtering part will be relatively high, whether the filter medium itself is corrosive, and the strength filtering work is not high, etc., so that personnel can comprehensively evaluate Data and data to determine the basic airbag type. The frequency of filter cleaning is used as the basis for the plan to clean the filter after development.

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