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How to calculate the number of FFU arrangements?

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The fan filter unit is an efficient filter device for its own fan, referred to asFFU(FAN FILTER Unit), called "Fan Filter Unit " in Chinese, is to combine the fan and filter (HEPA) or ultra -high -efficiency filter (ULPA) to form the end purification equipment that can provide power to provide power. Essence It is the end air filtering equipment of the purification project and the key equipment that meets the cleanliness requirements of the clean room air.

Is there a general calculation formula required by FFU? We need to know which data in the clean room to determine the number of FFUs?

The number of FFUs in the clean room, we only need to know 3 values, namely the number of air changes, the volume of the clean room, the air volume of the FFU, the specific calculation formula is as follows:

N = a*j/k

[Note] The number of air changes is A; volume is J; FFU air volume is K; the number of FFU required for n

For example, assuming that the number of air replacement is 20 times, the volume is 460m³, and the FFU air volume is 2000m³/s

N = 460*20/2000 = 4.6 units

In other words, at least 5 FFUs are required to reach the cleanliness requirements of the clean room.

Note: The number of air changes is A; volume is J; FFU air volume is k;

How to calculate the number of FFUs above is introduced here. The 100 -level clean shed, like the 100 -level clean room, belongs to the unidirectional cleaning room, so the top FFU is required to be full.

The FFU can be modularized, making FFU widely used in applications such as dust -free room, dust -free operation desk, dust -free production line, assembly dust -free room and local 100 -level application. FFU generally has two -stage filter two -level filter. The fan inhaled the air from the top of the FFU and was filtered by the initial and high -efficiency filters. The filtered clean air was delivered at a uniform speed of the wind speed of 0.45m/s ± 20%at the entire wind surface. It provides high -quality clean air for different sizes, different cleanliness and different cleanliness levels. In the renovation of new clean rooms and cleaning plants, the cleanliness level can be improved, noise and vibration can be reduced, the cost can also be greatly reduced, the installation and maintenance are convenient, it is an ideal component of the clean environment.

Shandong Xinli has been committed to the air purification industry for more than ten years. Each FFU has always been expected to go out of the factory through multiple strict testing. The FFU supporting filter is used to scan test and test the factory through a platform. The quality of the product is guaranteed.

Xinli Environmental Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Shandong Xinli/Xinli Environment), which originated in 2010, is committed to the development of the air purification industry. It is a professional service provider integrating R & D, design, production, and sales. The registered brand is "SNYLI ", the main business: FFU, air filter at all levels, liquid groove filters, chemical filters, rolling filters, rolling door, air outlet, strata, wind chamber, transmission, transmission Window, purifying sheds, cleaning projects, providing indoor air quality control solutions, and providing air quality control equipment OEM, etc. Shandong Xinli has advanced concepts and technologies, and professional design teams to meet customer needs. Service hotline: 400-688-3551/13165316200!               Mobile: 13355281100
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