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How to check whether the high efficiency filter is suitable for a clean room

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High efficiency filter

No matter what the occasion isHigh efficiency filter, First of all, you must have a certain understanding of performance, and proper inspections are required. How is the performance inspection method of high efficiency filter equipment? Come and watch it with us!

Nowadays, the high efficiency filter is a very common equipment in the clean room, and it is one of the important equipment to achieve high cleanness air purification. Therefore, after installing and replacing the equipment, it is necessary to check the installation and connection parts. Let us now take a look at the specific missed detection methods.

1. Inspection instrument: professional dust particle counter.

2. Detection principle: The principle of light scattering is mainly used. A photomultiplier tube is used to receive the reflected light of dust particles, measure their size and quantity, and analyze them.

Three, inspection conditions

1. Necessary environmental conditions: the ambient temperature must be controlled between 18-26. The relative humidity is 45-65%.

2. Test status: It must be a static test, and no more than 2 people indoors.

3. Necessary differential pressure: For environments with different cleanliness, the static differential pressure is generally about 5Pa, and the static differential pressure between the clean zone and the non-clean zone is about 10Pa.

Fourth, the method of inspection

1. Wipe and disinfect the above dust particle counter with 75% alcohol in the injected water, then sterilize it by ultraviolet radiation, and move it into the clean area after about 30 minutes.

2. Place the dust particle counter horizontally on the table, and the port of the plastic tube used for measurement must be correctly inserted into the port of the filter.

3. Then turn on the power, the instrument will automatically check. Then, you can unplug the plastic tube to be measured from the interface of the device and place it where you want to measure the port.

4. During inspection, the sampling head must be far away from the high-efficiency filter 2--4aTl, and slowly scan along the inner frame and the middle of the device. At least 5 points of each device must be tested and carefully observe the displayed data.

5. After the detection is completed, you can connect the sampling plastic nozzle to the back panel of the dust particle counter for detection, and then cut off the power supply.

Five, inspection conclusion

After the above series of inspections, we found that the high-efficiency filter was leaking and needed to be leaked and replaced immediately. This situation is common, and we cannot ignore the importance of inspection. Under normal use conditions, we conduct relevant inspections at least once a year to investigate whether the equipment has changed, so that the performance of a device can be guaranteed for a long time.

Specifically introduced aboveHigh efficiency filterEquipment performance inspection method. It introduces various aspects from the used machines, necessary conditions, inspection methods and conclusions. This shows how important it is to check the high-efficiency air filter before use!               Mobile: 13355281100
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