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How to choose a high-efficiency partition filter and a high-efficiency partitionless filter

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High efficiency filter without clapboard copy

Often users ask,High efficiency filterHave partitions andHigh efficiency without partition filterWhat is the difference? Although their names differ by only one word and have similar working principles, the material, their own characteristics and uses of the filter element separator are quite different. Don’t worry, let’s follow the editor of Shandong snyli Purification Factory to see this one by one. problem.

High efficiency filters can be divided into: high efficiency with partitions and high efficiency without partitions. The partitioned high-efficiency filter is made of ultrafine fiber as filter material, rubber paper, aluminum platinum as partition board, and wooden frame or aluminum alloy frame glue. It has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large air volume. , Widely used in various bureau purification equipment and clean workshops. The standard folding number of a partitioned high-efficiency filter is determined by two key factors such as the height of the partition and the tightness of the partition paper and the filter paper when assembled. The partitionless high-efficiency filter uses ultra-fine glass fiber as the filter material and hot melt adhesive as the separator, and is assembled with various outer frames. Compared with a partitioned high-efficiency filter, under the same air volume, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure and reliable performance. The high-efficiency design without partitions can achieve high efficiency with small resistance, thereby reducing operating costs, especially the designed hot melt adhesive can ensure the same folding layer spacing, ensure the passage of airflow, and achieve high dust holding capacity at the same time, making full use of filtering The filter material over the entire depth of the filter.

When buying, we should choose a partition andHigh efficiency no partition filterWhat? Specific problems are analyzed in detail. We have to consider filtration efficiency, resistance, air volume, cost, transportation and installation, and also consider which high-efficiency filter is more suitable for our environment. After understanding, you still don’t know which one you are suitable for. There is no problem with the air filter, you can consult the sales team of Shandong snyli purifying air filter, they will introduce you to the characteristics of various types of filters, and according to your environment, recommend a cheap, beautiful and suitable for you Air filter. Because Shandong snyli Purification is a manufacturer dedicated to the production of primary-efficiency filters, medium-efficiency filters, high-efficiency filters, high-temperature-resistant filters, self-contained fan filter units (ffu) and other purification equipment and clean room products.               Mobile: 13355281100
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