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How to choose air filter

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In general, the end air filter determines the degree of cleaning of the air, and the air filter at the front end protects the end air filter to extend the service life of the end air filter to ensure it works. When choosing an air filter, it must be fully considered that according to the specific situation, the appropriate air filter is reasonably selected, and the new Shandong Xiaobian gives you the choice of end air filter:

1. According to the clean purification standard required by the room, determine the efficiency of the end air filter, reasonably select the combined number of air filters and the efficiency of the levels at all levels. For example, the indoor requirements are generally purified, the initial filter can be used; such as medium purification in the room, the primary and condensation of the two-stage filter should be used; if the interior requires ultra-clean purification, it should be used for initial, medium-end and efficient three Class purification filtration, and should properly match the efficiency of each of the filters, and if the efficiency of the neighboring two-stage filter is too large, the previous filter does not have the protection of the post-level filter.
2. Determine the amount of dust removal of outdoor air and dust particle characteristics. Because the filter is fed into the room after filtering outdoor air, the dust of the outdoor air is a very important data. Especially in multi-stage purification filtration processing, the use of the environment, spare parts, operating energy consumption, maintenance and supply, etc., when choosing a pre-filter, is determined after considering the factors such as maintenance and supply.
3. Correctly determine the filter characteristics. The filter is characterized by the characteristics of filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust removal, filtration wind speed and processing air volume. In the case of the conditions permitted, it should be used as high-efficiency, low-resistance, large amount of dust, and the filter air is moderate, and the air volume is large, and the manufacturing installation is convenient, and the price is low. This is an economical analysis requirement of disposable investment and secondary investment and energy efficiency when the air filter is selected.
4. Analyze the nature of the dust-containing gas. The nature of dust-containing gas associated with the air filter is mainly, the amount of temperature, humidity, acid-containing and organic solvents. Because some filters allow for use at high temperatures, and some filters can only work at normal temperature, normal humidity, and the acid-containing gas-containing and organic solvents have an effect on the performance efficiency of the air filter.               Mobile: 13355281100
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