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How to choose the right FFU, Sony FFU is worth having

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FFUAlso known as fan filter unit, there are a large number of ffu products with different models, powers, and application scenarios on the market. Many friends are also choosing the above. There are many misunderstandings on the above. They only need to be cheap and with high power. In fact, this is not the case. Of course it is important, but more is to consider functionality, practicality and use time. To this end, I will teach you how to choose the right FFU unit purifier for you today.

Factors to pay attention to when choosing FFU

1. Look at the selection of the FFU fan. The fan is the core component of the FFU. See whether the fan is exported by a large manufacturer, and then see whether the fan has been dynamically balanced;

2. Look at the FFU air duct design. Whether the air duct design is reasonable or not is the two factors other than the fan that determine the size of the FFU air volume. If it is a turbocharged air duct design, it will be greater than the air volume and wind speed of the ordinary flat design air duct;

3. To listen to the FFU noise, allow the manufacturer to provide a FFU prototype for testing and listen to the noise level. If the noise is low and uniform, it can be accepted. If the noise is uneven, the fan will have problems as soon as possible;

4. Look at the appearance design and thickness of the FFU. Generally, the current mainstream FFU mainly chooses aluminum galvanized sheet and stainless steel, and a small amount of steel sheet is sprayed. The thickness of the material should be at least 1.0-1.2mm. If the thickness is too thin, it will affect the quality of use, and the noise will be relatively large. This can also be felt by weighing the weight.

Choice of FFU control method:

Remote control. As a supplement to the computer control method, the system can use the remote control to control each fan unit, which complements the computer control method.

Multi-gear switch control. Install a speed control switch and a power switch to control the FFU. The structure is relatively simple, the speed is stable, and the cost is low.

Stepless speed control. Compared with the multi-speed switch control mode, the stepless adjustment control has an additional continuous speed regulator to make the FFU fan speed continuously adjustable, but at the same time it also sacrifices the motor efficiency and makes its energy consumption higher than the multi-speed switch control mode.

Computer group control. It is easy to control, can adjust the speed, and can realize more complicated applications. With distributed control, it can realize centralized control and monitoring of FFU; it can realize the control of FFU sub-system of different systems, and can realize the control of single FFU Monitoring, and this method also has energy saving.

FFU is a kind of purification equipment commonly used in the clean industry. Due to its simple installation, affordable price and low power consumption, FFU has been widely used in purification workshops such as food, packaging, electronics, tissue training, etc., bringing users a real Benefits and benefits.               Mobile: 13355281100
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