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How to clean the plate washable filter

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Filters are very common in modern industrial production and life. They can effectively separate the media and meet the process requirements. The plate washable filter is one of the representative products. It has very good technical characteristics and is easy to clean. We will mainly introduce the cleaning method of this type of product and some precautions.

The outer frame of the washable plate filter is sturdy and detachable. It adopts a sturdy plate aluminum alloy frame with aluminum alloy corners. The structure is firm and stable to ensure that the filter will not be deformed or damaged in a poor working environment. The outer frame is removable. The design is convenient to replace the filter material to achieve the purpose of frame reuse. Lightweight plate structure, high-quality polyester synthetic fiber filter material, low initial resistance. The filter net reinforcement further enhances the firmness of the filter. At the same time, the balanced spacing and double stiffener design ensure the equal-height pleated shape of the filter, so that the plate filter can reach the maximum dust holding capacity when the resistance is minimum.

Compared with ordinary glass fiber mesh or man-made fiber filter, the filter has a stronger filtering effect and service life; the design of the galvanized iron mesh can protect the filter material from damage and effectively prevent the filter material from deforming due to pressure; it can be used to protect the air conditioning system Medium-high, medium and primary efficiency filters; the filter has the characteristics of low pressure loss, large dust capacity, and long service life.

Use a vacuum cleaner-like device to remove the dust from it, or rinse with warm water. If there is too much dust, you can use a soft brush and neutral detergent to clean it. After cleaning it, dry the water and place it in a cool place to dry. , Do not use hot water above 50℃ for cleaning to avoid discoloration or deformation of the equipment, and do not dry it on fire. After cleaning, be sure to put the equipment on and hang the equipment in the suction compartment when installing. The upper part of the grille is then fixed on the suction grille, and the back handle of the suction grille is slowly slide inward until the entire device is pushed into the grille.

Plate washable filters are widely used in our daily life. They are a type of equipment that is widely used in filter product types. Users must choose to use them according to product characteristics.

The above is the introduction of Shandong snyli Purification Technology Co., Ltd. on the cleaning methods and precautions of the plate washable filter, hoping to help everyone use the filter equipment better. If you want to know more detailed filter knowledge, you are welcome to follow the official official account of snyli Air Purification for the exchange of knowledge in the purification industry.               Mobile: 13355281100
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