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How to clean the primary filter

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Primary filterThe cleaning method:

1, First cut off the power of the air purification system, stop the operation of the blower, open the inspection door of the secondary effect filter, gently take out the pressure spring that needs to loosen the four fixed steel wires of the filter, and replace the cleaned bag filter, and put it in The plastic bag is sent to the clean room.

2、First turn the filter surface of the primary filter outwards, tap the filter gently with a wooden stick to remove the floatation on the surface of the filter, and then put it in the detergent solution15Minutes, use the pressure method to clean dust and dirt, use tap water to clean, and use the pressure method to remove part of the water.

3, Send the cleaned filter to the washing machine in the general area, and use the dryer to60℃The following low temperature drying.

4, After cleaning the filter, check whether there is any hole or looseness on the surface of the filter, please replace the filter.

5The return air and fresh air filters are rinsed with detergent, and then rinsed with tap water.

6, Clean the inside of the air conditioning unit with a damp cloth, clean the filter frame and related parts, and clean the dust scattered during stable replacement.

7, Install the filter lightly and compress it with a compression spring.

8, Check all filters as a whole and fix them stably.               Mobile: 13355281100
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