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How to control pollution sources in clean rooms

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The main pollution source of clean room air is not people, but new building decoration materials, cleaning agents, adhesives, modern office supplies, etc. Therefore, the use of green environmental protection materials with low pollution values can make the pollution state of the clean room of the pharmaceutical factory very low, which is also a good way to reduce the load of fresh air and reduce energy consumption.

Where can the pharmaceutical dust-free workshop be designed for energy saving

In the pharmaceutical clean roomCleanroomIn the design, the air cleanliness level standard should be determined under the premise of ensuring production quality, and comprehensive consideration of process production capacity, equipment size, operation mode and connection mode of the front and rear production processes, the number of operators, the degree of equipment automation, and equipment maintenance Factors such as space and equipment cleaning methods to reduce investment and operating costs and meet energy-saving requirements.

For high-illuminance operating points, local lighting can be used instead of increasing the minimum illuminance standard for the entire workshop. At the same time, the non-production room lighting should be lower than the production room, but not less than 100 lumens is appropriate. According to the Japanese Industrial Standard Illumination Level, the medium precision operation is set at 200 lumens, and the pharmaceutical factory operation will not exceed the medium precision operation, so it is appropriate to reduce the minimum illuminance from ≥300 lumens to 150 lumens. This measure can significantly save energy.

On the premise of ensuring cleanliness, reducing the number of air changes and air supply is one of the important means of energy saving. The number of air changes and production technology, advanced level of equipment and layout,CleanroomThe size and shape, and the density of people are closely related. For example, a room equipped with an ordinary ampoule filling and sealing machine requires a higher number of air changes, while a water needle production room with an air purification device for washing, filling and sealing linkages needs only a lower number of air changes to maintain the same Cleanliness.               Mobile: 13355281100
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