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How to determine the cleaning time of the air bag filter

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Bag filter

airBag filterIt needs to be cleaned regularly, because after a long time of use, many stains and impurities remaining in the air bag filter will affect the filtering effect. In order to maintain the filtering efficiency and maintain the filtering effect, it must be cleaned regularly. But what What to do? Shandong snyli air purification product professional service provider reminds everyone\", the method of determining the cleaning time of the air bag filter.

According to the reference value given by the manufacturer

When an enterprise purchases an air bag filter, the manufacturer gives a certain reference value that is, under normal circumstances, when it is more appropriate to clean the air bag filter. Shandong snyli purifying air bag filter manufacturer reminds everyone that when buying, you should ask the manufacturer as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, what is the cleaning frequency of the air bag filter, and then you must promptly filter your working environment. Tell everyone, for example, whether the temperature of the filter site will be relatively high, whether the filter medium itself is corrosive, the intensity of the filtration work is high, and so on. Let the professionals of Shandong snyli purifying air bag filter manufacturer to combine the various items. The data is comprehensively evaluated, and the basic air bag filter cleaning frequency is determined, which serves as the basis for the later cleaning of the filter plan.

Observe and record the filtering effect at any time

The second thing to do is to use airBag filterAt any time, pay attention to the filtering effect and record it. Shandong snyli Air Purification Bag Filter manufacturers remind everyone that the update frequency that the manufacturer can give at the beginning is a rough estimate. In the actual working process of the filter, there will be many factors that will continue to affect the filtering equipment. It will lead to changes in the cleaning time of the filter equipment in some cases.

When observing, it is necessary to see how the efficiency of the filter equipment is. If it drops below 70% of the normal level, the air bag filter needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. The effect of the filtering equipment is also needed. If the cleanliness of the filter medium is still not up to the standard after filtering, you need to see whether there is a leak or the equipment needs to be cleaned. After that, it needs to be recorded in time. The long-term record can find out the cleaning frequency of the air bag filter under the same filtering environment.

Make good airBag filterCleaning work can start from these two aspects. Shandong snyli purifying air bag filter manufacturers can provide you with better help, so that everyone can more accurately determine the time of air bag filter cleaning.               Mobile: 13355281100
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