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How to extend the service life of air filters

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air filter

buyair filterWhenever possible, everyone should ask the manufacturer if possible. Under normal circumstances, the frequency of cleaning the filter, and then promptly inform the filter environment. For example, whether the temperature of the high-efficiency filter components is high, whether the filter medium itself is corrosive, and whether the filter strength is high, so that personnel can comprehensively evaluate the data and data to determine the basic airbag type. The frequency of filter cleaning is used as the basis for the post-development filter cleaning program.

Watch the high efficiency filter and record it at any time

The second thing is to pay attention to the filtering effect and record the situation when using high-efficiency filters. Remind everyone that the update frequency that the manufacturer can give at the beginning is a rough estimate. In the actual operation of the filter, there are many factors that will continue to affect the filtering equipment, which in some cases may also cause the cleaning time of the filter unit to change.

When observing, please pay attention to the efficiency of the filtration equipment. If it is less than 70% of the normal level, the high efficiency filter needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. Also need to filter the effect of the filter. If the filter medium is filtered and the cleanliness is still not up to standard, you need to check for leaks or clean the equipment. After that, it is necessary to record in time. Long-term records clearly show the frequency of cleaning the high efficiency filter in the same filtration environment.

If you want to use it for a long timeair filter, You should pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance to make its service life longer. Let's see how to use and maintain it.

Warning: Do not open the lid under the pressure of the high-efficiency filter, otherwise the remaining liquid may be discharged and cause liquid loss and personal injury.

Therefore, please strictly follow the following order:

1. Close the input valve; when there is pressure at the outlet, close the output valve.

2. Confirm that the pipe connected to the exhaust valve has been connected to the safety or suction port (except when filtering toxic and corrosive liquids), and then open the exhaust valve to prevent liquid damage and pollution.

3. Check the pressure gauge to make sure the internal pressure is 0. At this time, the bag filter should be separated from the piping system.

4. If there is a discharge valve, please confirm that the discharge liquid has been connected to the recovery point and open the discharge valve; the remaining liquid in the high efficiency filter is discharged through the discharge valve, and the discharge valve is closed. This discharge works (see the pressurized discharge process).

5. Unscrew the top cover, and then lift the top cover. The high efficiency filter needs to be turned over.               Mobile: 13355281100
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