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How to maintain the clean shed in the purification workshop

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About purification workshopClean shedHow to clean and maintain, Shandong snyli Purification points out the following:

1. Replace the special anti-static clothing, wear a hat and a mask, and enter the clean room after removing the dust through the wind bath dust collection channel.

2. After preparing the cleaning tools and supplies and placing them in the specified place, start cleaning.

3. Picking up ground garbage, one by one from the inside to the outside according to the order of the production line.

4. Dump and transport the garbage in the trash bins and trash bins on time, and conduct inspections. After strict classification according to regulations, they will be transported to the designated garbage room after inspection by the production line manager or security guards.

5. Use clean paper or dust-free cloth to clean indoor glass, walls and shelves from top to bottom

6. Use a clean dust pusher to carefully push and clean the ground from the inside out. If there are rubbish, stains, water marks, etc. on the ground, clean it with a dust-free cloth in time.

7. Use production line employees to clean up the production line, under the workbench, and under the seat during the meal time.

8. Regularly clean the ceiling, air-conditioning vents, and under the raised floor of the ceiling lamp partition. The cleaning procedures and materials used must be approved by the factory affairs department, and use the holidays and physical labor gaps as planned.

9. Waxing on the floor of the purification workshop must be carried out in strict accordance with the plan and (purification engineering) cleaning procedures, and anti-static wax must be used

10. After the cleaning work is completed, all cleaning supplies must be received in the designated cleaning room, and stored separately from ordinary tools, to avoid handing over and placing them neatly, and not to be placed in the clean room at will.

11. Wipe the air supply unit FFU regularly,Clean shedInside, keep it clean.

12. After the high-efficiency filter is replaced regularly, it is necessary to re-check the technical parameters of the storage flow air supply unit FFU to meet the requirements

You can continue working after asking.

13. Replace the primary filter regularly. The primary filter should be replaced once every three months if installed in a clean room, or once a month if installed in a normal environment.

14. Regularly use particle counters to detect clean work sheds to ensure the purification level in the clean sheds.

15. Turn on the FFU switch ten minutes before going to work. After the normal fresh air is in, the staff can start to work.

16. Food and daily necessities are not allowed to enterClean shed, Do not play around in the clean shed.

17. The staff should not frequent the clean shed.               Mobile: 13355281100
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