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How to maintain the high efficiency air filter?

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How to maintain high-efficiency air filters: High-efficiency filters are often used in industrial production purification workshops. It is often used as the last stage filter in the air filtration system. Its filtration performance is better than that of medium-efficiency filters and primary-efficiency filters. It is much better, so it is often placed in the key position of the purification system. The high-efficiency filter can effectively adsorb 0.3-1 micron dust particles, thereby ensuring the air cleanliness requirements of some clean workshops.

There are many types of high-efficiency filters, such as high-efficiency filters with partitions, high-efficiency filters without partitions, high-temperature-resistant high-efficiency filters with partitions, etc. Although these filters have certain differences in structure, There is no significant difference in air purification performance. They have higher air purification efficiency in practical applications, so they can be used in many different fields.

The high-efficiency filter needs daily maintenance during the use process. The important part of the high-efficiency filter is the filter element. The filter element of the high-efficiency filter is mostly supported by the structure of glass fiber board. When the filter is used in the air ventilation equipment for a period of time After that, more impurities will accumulate on the surface of the core. These impurities will cause a greater pressure loss of the air, thereby affecting the air flow rate. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replace the filter element of the high efficiency filter in the daily difference application.

During the inspection and replacement of the high-efficiency filter, the operation should be performed by professionals to avoid certain damage to the filter element caused by non-professionals. During the use of air filters, we should pay attention to their service life, especially for high-efficiency filters, we must pay attention to the number of operating hours in time, more than 1500 hours, you need to clean or replace in time. For places where the purification and ventilation equipment is not frequently used, necessary maintenance can be carried out according to a fixed time limit, such as once every two years, or once a year.               Mobile: 13355281100
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