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How to set the air filter of the air -conditioning system in the clean operating room?

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Cleaning operating room purification

The development of modern operating rooms put forward higher and higher requirements for its environment. The main way to achieve this requirement is to widely use air filters in the clean air conditioning system. The performance of various types of air filters is directly related to the level of clean operating room. Discuss the type, performance and maintenance of the air filter used for clean operating rooms, so as to provide a certain reference for the design of the clean operating room.

This article will be interpretedClean operating roomHow can the air filter installation location and installation of the air -conditioning system be composed of corresponding specifications and requirements?

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It is pointed out in the GB50333-2013 of the \"Hospital's Clean Surgery Department of Clean Surgery Department\" that the air filter or device of the cleaning of the air conditioning system of the clean operating room shall meet the following requirements:

1. New air filters or devices should be set at the new air outlet or close to the new air outlet, and the regulations of 8.3.9 shall comply with this specification.

Cleaning operating room purification

2. The pre -filter should be set up in the air -conditioning units.

3. At the end of the system or near the end static pressure box, the end -stage filter or device shall be set up, and it shall be provided at 8.3.6.

Cleaning operating room purification

4. The air -to -air outlet should be set at the cleaning outlet of the clean room.

5. The exhaust filter shall be set at the ventilation of the house or export at a clean room.

1. The first -level new wind filter should be installed in the air treatment unit

The German standard DIN1946 pointed out that the first -class filter should be installed in the air processing unit, near the united fresh air inlet. The US Standard ASHRAE170 requires the first -level filtering section of the first -level filtering to ensure that all circulating air is filtered.

2. Pre -filter Filter in the positive pressure section of the air conditioning system preset filter

Purifying the air -conditioning system to set up a pre -filter in the positive pressure section is a consistent view of domestic and foreign standards. The GB 50073 of my country's new version of the \"Cleansing Factory Design\" in 2013 also stipulates. The German standard DIN1946 pointed out that this filter should be a countdown of the air treatment unit, that is, the positive pressure section installed in its downstream. The ASHRAE170 in the United States stipulates that the second -level filtering section shall be placed on the downstream side of all wet working cold disk pipes and the air supply fan, and the installation interface of the second -level filter shall be sealed. The standards of various countries have pointed out that pre -filters can be used to increase the service life of the final filter, thereby reducing costs.

3. The negative pressure of the air -to -air filter is allowed to install the high -efficiency filter due to allowing the air to return the wind

System return air filters are generally not valued. According to our country's implementation experience, the air -to -air filter is an important measure to prevent system pollution and cross -infection. Both the return air and the new air mouth are the \"port \" of the system. Like the fresh air filter, the air -to -air filter is one of the two barriers to prevent \"bacteria (dust) from the mouth \", which should be paid attention to.

The negative pressure operating room stipulated in the \"Specifications\" is allowed to return the air due to allowing the air to return the wind, so the return wind needs to be effective for harmless treatment (the wind is uneasy and efficient). If the original design is a positive and negative pressure conversion operating room, it only needs to install high -efficiency filters on the air outlet for negative pressure; another part of the restless filter is used for positive pressure. Japan and the United States are explained that when the air outlets or devices have high -efficiency filters, they can use circulating wind (backwind).

4. Entrance or exit of exhaust filter exhaust windings should be filters

The difference between the amendment of this revision generally presses the exhaust port and the rowing outlets of the negative pressure operating room in principle. In principle, there should be a filter at the entrance or exit of the exhaust air.

According to my country's and foreign experiments, high -efficiency filters with more than 99.999%of ≥0.5 μm have an efficiency of more than 99.99%of bacterial filtration. The key is that high -efficiency filters are not allowed to leak. Because the air -efficient filter out of the air outlet and the exhaust port is located on the inside, it is difficult to detect the leaks after the goodness. After the leakage, it is installed. For example, the dynamic airflow seal negative pressure high -efficiency exhaust device is that the entire device can achieve zero leakage. There is no need to detect the border, otherwise the leak should be detected.

Effective filters in air -to -air air outlets are all targeted at the situation of harmful biological gas solids. For the current national standards \"Code for the Construction and Acceptance of Cleansing Room\" GB50591-2010, it should be implemented. structure.

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