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How to use FFU to solve various problems in clean rooms

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Since the clean room will have different level requirements according to different usage requirements, such as level 10, level 100, level 10000, etc., this makes the clean room have difficult to overcome problems, and the emergence of the FFU fan filter unit relatively solves the problem. these questions:

   (1) UseFFUIt can save space and solve the problem of narrow maintenance space at the top of the clean room ceiling.

   Since a high-level clean room (such as a hundred-level room) requires a hundred or even ten-level laminar flow hood to solve the process requirements, a huge air supply static pressure box will be set up on the upper part of the clean room ceiling, and a ventilator will be set up in the static pressure box. These static pressure boxes together with the air supply pipe and the return air pipe occupy a lot of space, which makes the maintenance space narrow and sometimes even affects the use of fire escapes.

   But when FFU is used, the ceiling of the clean room is divided into several modules, and each module is an FFU, so that we can adjust each module (ie FFU) to meet the pressure balance of the air supply static pressure box on the ceiling. Therefore, the requirements for the height of the static pressure box are greatly reduced. At the same time, huge air supply and return ducts can be saved, so installation space can be saved. Especially when the renovation project is restricted by the storey height, FFU effectively solves this problem.

   (2) Utilizing the independent structural characteristics of the FFU fan filter unit, it can be adjusted at any time to make up for the lack of mobility in the clean room, thereby solving the shortcomings of the production process that should not be adjusted.

   The maintenance structure of the clean room is generally made of metal siding. Generally, after completion, the layout cannot be changed at will. However, due to the continuous update of the production process, the original plant cleanliness layout cannot meet the needs of new processes, resulting in the clean plant due to product replacement However, frequent changes are required, which wastes a lot of financial and material resources. If through increase and decreaseFFUThe quantity method can locally adjust the cleanliness layout of the room to meet the changes in the process, and the FFU has its own power, vents, and lamps, which can save a lot of investment. It is almost impossible to achieve the same effect for a purification system with a centralized air supply.

   (3) The FFU system is energy-saving, which solves the shortcomings of centralized air supply due to the large air-conditioning room and the high operating cost of the air-conditioning unit.

   If the individual clean rooms of a larger plant have a higher level of cleanliness, the air-conditioning unit with centralized air supply is bound to have a larger air volume and a higher fan pressure head to overcome the resistance of the air duct, as well as the initial, intermediate, The resistance of the high-efficiency filter can meet the cleanliness requirements of these rooms, which will increase the overall operating cost of the air conditioner, and the cleanliness effect of the rooms with higher cleanliness may not meet the requirements. Moreover, as long as the air conditioner fails in the centralized air supply system, all clean rooms involved in this air conditioner will stop running.

   (4) Negative pressure seal

   FFUThe static pressure box of the air supply system is under negative pressure, so even if there is a leak in the installation of the air outlet, it will leak from the clean room to the static pressure box, which will not form pollution to the clean room.               Mobile: 13355281100
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