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Hundreds of clean room FFU construction process, requirements and processes

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CleanroomClean level is divided: Ten, 100, thousands, 10,000, 100,000, 300,000 levels. The 100-level clean room uses the industry to use industries such as LED Electronics and Pharmaceuticals, focusing on the GMP Hundred Cleanroom Application FFU Fan Filter Unit Design Scheme.


First, a hundred clean room FFU construction technology

The maintenance structure of the clean room is generally made of metal wall panels. After general construction, the layout cannot be changed at will, but due to the continuous update of the production process, the original clean room cleanliness layout cannot meet the needs of new processes, leading to clean room Clean factory needs frequent changes due to product replacement, a lot of waste of financial resources and material resources.

If the number of the FFU purification unit can be adjusted locally to meet the process of the process, and the FFU purification unit self-boost, air, tight, luminaire, so that a large amount of investment can be saved. This is almost impossible to achieve the same effect on the purification system that is usually concentrated.

Second, the 100-level clean room uses FFU fan filter unit design plan

1. Hundreds of cavity ceiling full of FFU fan purification unit.

2. Clean wind from the upper elevated floor of the upper part of the heroic area or into the vertical vent, through the vertical trail into the static pressure box, and the FFU fan purification unit is sent to the room to reach the cycle effect.

3, the upper FFU fan purification unit vertical air supply unit, the leakage of the FFU fan cleaning unit and the hanger in the Hundred Areas, which affects the indoor flow to the static pressure box.

4, the FFU fan purification unit is light, and the cover is installed, which makes the installation, replacing the filter and maintenance more convenient.

5, shorten the construction cycle. The FFU fan filter unit system is significant, thereby solving the disadvantage of the concentrated air conditioning machine room, the intensive air-conditioning unit increased, the FFU independence, can be adjusted at any time, and make up for the lack of mobility of clean room, thereby solving production The process is not appropriate to adjust the shortcomings.

6. The use of FFU cycle systems in clean rooms not only saves running space, but clean security is high, low operating cost, and high operation flexibility, can be upgraded and adjusted at any time without affecting production, these can be very It is better to meet the needs of clean room, so the FFU cycle system is used to use the FFU cycle system in the semiconductor or other manufacturing industry.

Third, high efficiency filter installation conditions

1 If a high-efficiency filter is installed in a technique interlayer or ceiling, there should be a comprehensive cleaning in a technique sandwich or ceiling.

2, the clean room must have been sealed during installation, the FFU is installed and started, and the purification air conditioner must be truck, and it will run for more than 12 hours. After cleaning, the high-efficiency filter is immediately installed.

3, keep cleaning indoors, no dust. All keel has been installed and adjusted.

4. The installer must be equipped with clean clothes, clean gloves to prevent people-oriented contaminated boxes and filters.

5. To ensure the long-term effective work of the high-efficiency filter, the installation environment should not be in the cigarette, dust, and humid air.CleanroomFilters should avoid contact with water or other corrosive liquids to avoid affecting its use.

6. It is recommended that the number of installed staff is 6 people.

Fourth, unloading and handling precautions

1, FFU and high-efficiency filters have been made with multiple protective packaging, please use the forklift to put the entire tray. The delivery should be prevented from pouring the goods, avoiding dramatic vibration and collision.

2. After the equipment is unloaded, it should be placed, and the indoor temporary storage of ventilation can only be stored outdoors, it should be covered to prevent rain into the water.

3. Since the high-efficiency filter is used with ultrafine glass fiber filter paper, the filter material is easily broken and damaged, resulting in particle leakage. Therefore, unpacking, the filter must not be poured or crimped during the handling process to prevent severe vibration and collision.

4. When removing the high-efficiency filter, it is forbidden to use the knife and tip to cut the package to avoid being drawn to the filter paper.

5, each high-efficiency filter should be handled together, the operator must wear gloves, the process must take lightly, hold the filter border in both hands, prohibit the handlet filter protection network, prohibit the tip contact filter paper, It is forbidden to distort filters.

6, the filter cannot be laminated, and it should be laterally in an orderly, and the wall is completely installed in the installation.

V. FFU high efficiency filter installation precautions

1. The high-efficiency filter must check the appearance of the filter, including filter paper, sealing spacers, frame, and whether it is damaged, size, and technical performance, and the serious filtering of design requirements, appearance or filter paper damage, should be prohibited Install, take pictures and reflect to manufacturers.

2. You can only hold the filter border when installing, and make it lightly. Prevent violent vibration and collision, it is strictly forbidden installation staff or other tools to contact the filter paper inside the filter.

3. When installing the filter, pay attention to the direction, so that the filter border identifies the arrow except, the arrow is consistent with the direction of the airflow.

4. Do not step on the filter protection network during the installation process, prohibiting the debris to discard on the surface of the filter. Status the filter protection network.

5, other installation considerations: Must wear a glove, pay attention to the cabinet cut finger. The FFU installation should be aligned with the filter. The edge of the FFU box is not allowed to be on the filter, prohibiting covering items on the FFU; prohibiting stepping on the FFU into the wind circle.

Sixth, a hundred clean room FFU filter installation process

1. Remove the high-efficiency filter carefully from the transportation box to see if any part is damaged during transport. Remove the plastic packaging bag, place the FFU and high-efficiency filters in a clean room.

2. Install the FFU and high efficiency filters on a ceiling keel. At least 2 people prepared on the ceiling ceiling of the FFU to be installed, people transport the FFU box to the installed position, and 2 people on the ladder, the boxes are 45 degrees with the sky, passing through the sky. The 2 people on the ceiling ceiling should hold the FFU handle, and then pass the FFU box to the ceiling ceiling on the side of the ceiling.

3, 2 people on the ladder pass the high-efficiency filter handed over, hands holding the high-efficiency filter border, 45 degrees with the sky, passing through the ceiling, the process is lighter, prohibiting touch filter surface. The ceiling ceiling passed the high efficiency filter, put down the four sides of Qi Long bones, pay attention to the wind direction, and the wind should face down.

4, put the FFU cabinet around the filter, the process is lightly put, pay attention to the edge of the cabinet with the edge of the cabinet, according to the manufacturer's circuit diagram and the buyer's electrical rules, use the cable to connect the fan unit to the appropriate voltage superior. The system control line is connected according to the packet plan provided by the South China, according to the group.

Seven, FFU strong, weak electric installation requirements and processes

1. Highlights: Input power supply is a single phase 220V AC power supply (fire line, ground wire, zero line), and the maximum current of each FFU is 1.7A. It is recommended that each of the main power lines 8 FFUs, the main power line uses a 2.5-square millimeter copper core line, and finally, the first FF can use 15A's plug and socket access power bridge. If each FFU needs to pick up a socket, a 1.5 square millimeter copper core wire can be used.

2, weak electricity: The connection between the FFU collector and the FFU, and the FFU is connected to all network cable connections. Network line requires AMP six or super six-type shielded network cable, and the crystal head is AMP shielded crystal head. The pressing order of the network line is from left to right, orange white, orange, blue white, blue, green white, green, brown, brown. The network cable is pressed into parallel network cable, and the two-headed crystal head voltage line is the same as left to right. When pressing the network cable, please note that the aluminum in the network cable is thin with the metal moiety of the crystal head to achieve the shielding effect.

3. Precautions during power cord and network line connection. The strong electrical connection is securely connected to the connection, and the single core copper wire is required, and the wire does not have a naked portion after inserting the connection terminal. In order to prevent leakage and reduce the impact on data transmission, the FFU must do a good job of grounding measures. Each group must be a separate all-line network line, and the group and group cannot be mixed, and the last set of FFUs per zone cannot be connected to the FFU of other districts. The FFU within each set must be connected in the address number to facilitate FFU fault check, such as G01-F01 => G01-F02 => G01-F03 => ... G01-F31.

4, when installing the power cord and the network cable, do not make the brute force, power cord and network cable should be fixed to prevent the construction of the construction; strong electric lines and weak electric lines need to avoid parallel traces when they travel, and the parallel traces are too long. It should also be between 600mm or more to reduce interference; the network line is prohibited too long and bundled with the power cord together.

5. Relevant construction on the interlayer pay attention to protect the FFU and filter, keep the cover of the cabinet, pay attention to preventCleanroomFFU into water to avoid damage to the fan. When connecting the FFU power cord, power-off operation should be made to prevent leakage electric shock; all FFUs are short-circuited after the power cord, and the test can turn the power switch by replacing the filter to turn off the power.

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