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Industry || Application of Clean Technology

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Clean shed

Application of clean technology

Clean technology has experienced more than half a century, and its application range is increasingly wide, and technical requirements are more complicated. Currently, its representative application is the microelectronics industry, medical and health and electronic industries. Its application area is:

01. Microelectronics industry

02. Semiconductor manufacturing

03. Pharmaceutical industry

04. Optical Industry

05. Biotechnology Industry

06. Pure chemical reagent manufacturing

07. Micromechanical processing industry

08. Hospitals and other health care organizations

09. Production and packaging industry of medical devices and transplanted devices

10. Food & Beverage Industry

Microelectronics industry

The microelectronics industry is currently the highest in the clean room. The development of large-scale and large-scale integrated circuits (LSI, VLSI) is increasingly high. In the integrated circuit manufacturing process, the larger the integration, the finer graphics size (represented by line width), the smaller the size of the cleansing chamber control particle size (usually 1/10 of the line width), and the dust The lower the requirements. In addition, the production of liquid crystals, fibers, etc. in modern industries also has a cleanliness requirement.

2. Medical industry

1) Drug production my country's \"Pharmaceutical Production Management Specification\" (also known as GMP) has been implemented nationwide, and the requirements for different clean levels have been put forward in the corresponding process and production environment. Clean areas and control zones have been developed for the production, filling of powder, powder, needles, tablets, large infusion production, filling. In addition to defining the size and content of dust particles in the air, there is also a clear limit on bio-particles (bacteria).

2) Hospital leukemia treatment room, burn ward, surgery room, must also use air clean technology according to specific conditions to prevent bacterial infection in the air, and control the treatment environment.

3. Biosafety

In genetic engineering, drugs and pathological inspections, biomogenesis, national defense scientific research, often need to operate in a sterile dust-free environment, on the one hand, ask the test piece from being contaminated by its microbial contamination, on the other hand, the material is required. Such as tumor viruses, high-risk pathogens, radioactive substances, etc., such as radioactive materials, etc., harmful operators' health and pollution. For such experimental operations, it is generally required to isolate two levels. The first-level common biosafety wrap cabinet isolates the staff and pathogens; the second level is to isolate the experimental work area with other environment. This type of laboratory is different from the general laboratory, which is in a negative pressure state.

Air clean technology is also widely used in biological experiments, food processing, aerospace, precision machinery, instrumentation, fine chemistry and other industries.

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