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Industry Article || Clean Room Granularity Purification Technology

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Fan filter unit fanFAN FILTER Unit (FFU) is one of the most widely used products in high -level clean rooms in recent years. It has many advantages such as modularity, renewability, flexibility, and shortening construction costs. The fan filter unit consists of fans, boxes, controllers and other components. According to the types of motor used in the fan, it can be divided into AC fans and DC fans. Earlier fan filter units were mostly communication fans, but in recent years, with the increasing attention to energy conservation, and the increasingly mature of small DC fan technology, DC FFU has become the mainstream in the industry. The cost of life cycle of DC FFU can be reduced by about 24.6%compared to AC FFU. This data has a huge attractiveness for the semiconductor cleaning room of tens of thousands of FFUs. FFU's box diversion design technology has also made great contributions to FFU's energy conservation. Domestic FFU's well -known brand "Shandong Xinli ", continuously develops independent innovation to optimize FFU boxes and accessories. On the basis of 60%of the DC fan's own efficiency, the mechanical efficiency of the FFU entire machine is 7%to 63%to 63% Essence
High -efficiency/ultra -high -efficiency filter efficient/ultra -high -efficiency filter is the "heart " that ensures cleanliness cleanliness. With the continuous advancement of technology, the efficient filter has undergone a change in the structure from a partition filter to a densely fold -type fold. With the changes in the structure, it has also brought a substantial improvement in efficiency. At present, semiconductor cleaning is clean. The high -level ultra -high -efficiency filter of the room can reach the filter efficiency of U17 (99.999995%@0.1 ~0.2 μm). In addition to the changes in the structure, the core filter materials of high -efficiency/ultra -efficient filters are also constantly innovating. Ultra -fine glass fiber filter paper is the most traditional high -efficiency/ultra -high -efficiency filter material. It has the advantages of wide range of efficiency, high dust capacity, and long service life. But at the same time, there are also disadvantages of high resistance, high crispyness, damp -resistant, outgassing (outgassing). The birth of PTFE filtering materials to a certain extent makes up for the shortcomings of glass fiber filter materials. It has many advantages such as low resistance, good toughness, and low qi (Outgassing), but it also has its own shortcomings. Because the PTFE filter material is a membrane filter, the resistance rises faster and does not flame retardant. The performance of ultra -fine glass fiber and PTFE filter material is shown in the figure below.

Comparison of ultra -fine glass fiber filter material and PTFE filter material performance





Relieve qi



Ultra -fine glass fiber filter material


70 ~ 80

250 ~ 500

Deep filtration

PTFE filter material


60 ~ 80

100 ~ 250

Surface filtering

Picture 2

In the past two years, with the continuous improvement of nano fiber technology, the use of static spinning technology to manufacture high -efficiency/ultra -efficient nano fiber filter materials is expected to achieve success. shortcoming. If it can be industrialized as soon as possible, it will undoubtedly become a revolutionary technology in the air purification industry.

The new force environment is "Global Quality Air Purification Overall Solution " as the business latitude and latitude, guided by the market market market, and increased capital, equipment, and manpower input, and is committed to the development of the air purification industry. Now there are more than 20,000 square meters of modern production workshop, and there are many branches in the country. The service industry involves medical care, electronics, semiconductors, biomedicine, precision manufacturing, etc., and serves customers including Goer, Guangda Electronics, Foxconn Technology, Samsung Electronics Well -known enterprises such as Tongwei Co., Ltd.. Main business: comes with fan filter set (FFU), air filters at all levels, liquid slot filters, chemical filters, transmission windows, rolling filters, air outlets, layers of streaming, wind chamber, purifying sheds, purifying sheds, purifying sheds, purifying sheds, purifying sheds, purifying sheds , Clean projects, etc., and provide indoor air quality control solutions, providing air quality control equipment OEM. Among them, the independent FFU control system is rated as "International Leading ". DC FFU and intelligent control systems can better meet user needs. Not only can reduce operating costs, it can be monitored and controlled in the area or single FFU independently. Essence It has great advantages in terms of power distribution costs, energy consumption costs and operating costs. Our air filter products have the characteristics of high volume, stable performance, and high dust capture rate, and support non -standard customization, OEM processing. Consultation hotline: 4006883551/13165316200

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