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Industry || Classification of clean room

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CleanroomMainly based on indoor cleanliness, airflow form, control object, indoor net high and structural characteristics. According to the classification of indoor cleanliness, it is divided into level 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000. Classification by control target is divided into industrial clean room and biological clean room. Industrial clean rooms mainly in the air, the suspended dust particles are controlled, and the biocrecipitation chamber is mainly suspended bio-particles (microorganisms) to control objects. According to the indoor height classification, it can be divided into a low-level clean room and a high-rise clean room. The low-rise clean room has a net higher than 3m, and the latter high-rise clean room has exceeded 3m.


Industrial clean room

Industrial clean rooms are controlled by no life particles (including inorganic particles and organic particles). It mainly controls the pollution of lifeless particles on the working object, which is generally maintained inside. It is suitable for precision industrial (precision bearings, etc.), electronic industry (integrated circuits, etc.), aerospace industry (high reliability), chemical industry (high purity), atomic energy industry (high purity, high precision, anti-pollution), printing industry ( Plate, ink, anti-pollution) and photographic industrial (film version) and other departments.

Industrial clean room mainly controls temperature, humidity, wind speed, flow field, and cleanliness. Temperature, humidity and cleanliness are generally equally important to industrial clean room, which directly affects the quality, precision and purity of the product. The semiconductor, the manufacturing of the integrated circuit in the electronic industry, the manufacturing of high-precision mechanical instruments in the machinery industry, and the extraction of high-purity materials in the material industry require a very clean production environment.

Biological clean room

The biocrecipitation room is a syllabus of aseptic operating room, a ward, pharmaceutical workshop, a cosmetic production workshop, a medical laboratory, and a sterile net occasion that controls indoor bacterial content.


Clean room is classified according to airflow flow type:

The airflow flow is in the form of a gas flow trajectory. It can be divided into:

01. One-way flow clean room

The gas stream passed through the cross section of the entire clean room work area (generally defined as a space from 0.7 to 1.5m from the ground) is a unidirectional stream. One-way stream is the flow of a single, uniform speed, no eddy current.

02. Non-single stream cleansing room

The air flow through the cross-sectional area throughout the clean room workspace is non-single stream. Non-unidirectional streams is the direction of the direction, the speed is uneven, accompanied by the airflow of the eddy current, is used to talking about chaos.

03. Mixed Flow Code

There are both non-single streams and one-way stream throughout the clean room. The mixed stream is the general name of the airflow that does not have a non-single stream and a unidirectional stream. The mixing stream is not a separate airflow stream.

04. Radiation (Yaxian) Flow Code

ThroughoutCleanroomThe air flow through the longitudinal section is a sprite. The flow of radiation is the air flow of the air outlet into the radiation. Slow streams are also known as synergy.

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