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Industry - Filter Characteristic Indicators (Surrpts and Filters)

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The filter characteristics indicators have four, namely, speed, filter speed, efficiency, resistance, and dust.

Of course, there are other indicators, such as weight, power and regeneration characteristics, etc. These indicators are mainly related to filter materials, so what filter material manufacturing filter is the most important part of the development of filters. In addition to the determinants of filter materials, the structure of the filter is also an important factor. For example, a filter material makes a flat filter or a multi-bag shape or wedge filter, which is very different in resistance and dust removal, so it is a reasonable and optimal structure, and it is another important part of the development of the filter. .

Resistance: The fibers turn the airflow to the airflow to produce minute resistance. The sum of the resistance of countless fibers is the resistance of the air filter. The air filter resistance increases with gas flow, by increasing the air filter material area, the relative wind speed of the filter material can be reduced to reduce the air filter resistance.

Sound speed and filter speed

Measuring the capabilities of the filter can be expressed by the speed or filter speed.

The speed refers to the speed (m / s) through the airflow through the filter section, ie

u = q / (f × 3600)

[Q-air volume (m3 / h; f-filter cross-sectional area is in the wind area (m2)]

Therefore, the surface speed reflects the through capacity and installation area of ​​the filter, the greater the speed, the smaller the area area. Therefore, the surface speed is an important parameter reflects the structural characteristics of the filter.

The filter speed refers to the speed of the gas flow on the filter area, and the unit is generally l / (cm2.min) or cm / s, ie

v = 0.028 * q / f

f --- filter material, that is, the area (m2), which removes the bond, etc. (m2)

Filter speed reflects the ability of the filter material, especially reflecting the filtering properties of the filter material, the lower the filter speed, which generally has higher efficiency;filterThe lower the filters allowed, then the material resistance is large.

Under a particular filter structure, the unified reflection of the veins and filters are the rated air volume of the filter. Under the same cross-sectional area, it is desirable to allow the amount of rated air to be better than the rated air volume, efficiency Improve, the resistance is lowered.

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