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Industry knowledge||Filter resistance

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filterForms resistance to airflow.The filter accumulates dust and the resistance increases. When the resistance increases to a certain value, the filter is scrapped.

As shown below

Picture 1

The resistance of the new filter is called \"initial resistance\", and the resistance value when the filter is scrapped is called \"final resistance\".

When designing an air filter, a representative resistance value is often needed to calculate the design air volume of the system. This resistance value is called \"design resistance\". The usual method is to take the average of the initial resistance and the final resistance. .

Determine the final resistance

The choice of final resistance is directly related to the service life of the filter, the range of system air volume change, and the system energy consumption.

Under normal circumstances, the selection of the final resistance is designed by the air conditioner designer.Experienced engineers can change the total resistance value of the original design according to the site conditions.

Some designers will forget to tell the user the final resistance value he selected; sometimes the user will change to other models of filters or other suppliers.At this time, the site engineer had to determine the total resistance value by himself.

In most cases, the final resistance of the filter used on site is 2-4 times the initial resistance.

filterThe dirtier, the faster the resistance increases.Too high final resistance value does not mean that the service life of the filter will be significantly prolonged, but it will make the air volume of the air conditioning system drop sharply.Therefore, there is no need to set the final resistance value too high.

Low-efficiency filters often use coarse fiber filter media with a diameter of ≥10μm.Due to the large gap between the fibers, the excessive resistance may blow away the dust on the filter. At this time, the resistance will no longer increase, but the filtration efficiency will drop to zero.

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