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Installation and adjustment of high efficiency filter

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High efficiency filterWhat needs to be paid attention to when installing and adjusting? The editor of snyli Purification will give you a detailed introduction to these points:

1. The high efficiency filter should be installed in an environment of normal temperature, pressure and humidity. If the working conditions are not good, the life of the filter will be shortened, and it will not work even after installation. Before installation, check whether the appearance of the filter is deformed or damaged, and whether the filter material is damaged. If you find the above situation, please contact our company in time.

2. Pay attention to the tightness between the high efficiency filter and the mounting frame (or box) during installation. In order to ensure the sealing performance between the filter and the installation box, it is recommended to choose the gasket provided by our company.

3. When replacing the high-efficiency filter, the inner wall of the static pressure box or the air supply pipe must be thoroughly wiped clean to prevent the rust and dust particles on the box wall from falling on the filter and causing damage to the filter material.

4. Pay attention to the airflow direction of the filter when installing, and install it according to the wind direction mark on the filter label. The direction of the arrow is the air outlet side of the filter.

5. When installing, hold the surrounding frame with your hand and slowly move it into the air supply outlet. Do not hold the filter material with your hands and head, so as not to break the filter material and affect the filtration efficiency.               Mobile: 13355281100
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