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Installation requirements of high efficiency filter of FFU fan filter unit for clean room

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1. Installation conditions of high efficiency filter.

1.1 Before installing the high-efficiency filter, the clean room must be thoroughly cleaned and wiped. If there is dust in the purifying air-conditioning system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleaning requirements. If a high-efficiency filter is installed in the technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling, the technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped.

1.2 The clean room must be airtight during installation,FFUAfter the installation is completed and the operation is started, the clean air conditioner must be tested and run continuously for more than 12 hours, and the high efficiency filter shall be installed immediately after cleaning and wiping the clean room again.

1.3 Keep the clean room clean and free of dust. All keels have been installed and leveled.

1.4 The installer must be equipped with clean clothes and clean gloves to prevent man-made pollution of the box and filter.

1.5 In order to ensure the long-term and effective work of the high efficiency filter, the installation environment should not be in the oily, dusty, and humid air. Try to avoid contact with water or other corrosive liquids, so as not to affect its use effect.

1.6 It is recommended that the number of installers in each group is 6 persons.

2, FFUPrecautions for unloading and handling of high-efficiency filters.

2.1 The FFU and high efficiency filter have been packed with multiple protections before leaving the factory. Please use a forklift to unload the entire pallet when unloading. Unloading should prevent the goods from dumping and avoid severe vibration and collision.

2.2 After unloading, the equipment should be placed in a dry, ventilated room for temporary storage. If it can only be stored outdoors, it should be covered with a tarp to avoid rain.

2.3 Since the high efficiency filter uses ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, the filter material is easily broken and damaged, causing particle leakage. Therefore, do not dump or crush the filter during unpacking and transportation to prevent severe vibration and collision.

2.4 When taking out the high-efficiency filter, it is prohibited to use a knife or sharp objects to cut the packaging bag to avoid scratching the filter paper

2.5 Each piece of high-efficiency filter should be carried by two people. The operator must wear gloves. The process must be handled with care. Hold the filter frame with both hands. It is forbidden to hold the filter protection net, sharp objects to contact the filter paper, and no twisting filter.

2.6 Filters should not be placed in stacks, they should be horizontally ordered, and placed neatly against the wall in the installation waiting for installation.

3. Precautions for installation of high efficiency filter.

3.1 Before installing the high-efficiency filter, the appearance of the filter must be inspected, including whether the filter paper, gasket, frame are damaged, whether the size, technical performance meet the design requirements, the appearance or the filter paper is severely damaged and the filter should be installed. , Take a picture and reflect it to the manufacturer for processing.

3.2 When installing, only hold the filter frame, handle it gently. To prevent severe vibration and collision, it is strictly forbidden for the installer's fingers or other tools to touch the filter paper inside the filter.

3.3 Pay attention to the direction when installing the filter, so that the arrow on the filter frame should be outward, that is, the arrow on the outer frame should be consistent with the direction of the airflow.

3.4 Do not step on the filter protection net during installation, and it is forbidden to discard debris on the surface of the filter. Do not step on the filter protection net.

3.5 Other installation precautions: gloves must be worn, and the box body must cut fingers.FFU The installation should be aligned with the filter. The edge of the FFU box should not be pressed on the filter. It is forbidden to cover the FFU; it is forbidden to step on the FFU air inlet ring.               Mobile: 13355281100
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