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Installation specifications for high efficiency air filters

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The installation of the high-efficiency air filter should pay attention to the installation seal of the high-efficiency filter, the sealing method has contact filler seals, and the liquid trough knife seal and negative pressure leak seal. Related standards:

\"Clean Surgery and Medical Gas Design and Installation\"

GB / T13554 \"High-efficiency air filter\"

GB / T6165 \"High-efficiency air filter performance test method, transmittance and resistance\"

GB50073 \"Clean Factory Design Specification\"

GB50333 \"Hospital Clean Surgery Building Technical Specification\"

First, high efficiency air filter product characteristics and use

The normal high-efficiency air filter is an air filtration device in a clean system, which can reach a particulate filtering efficiency of 0.3 μm in the air to 99.5% or more. Mainly applied to high cleanliness of electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, precision instruments. Its transportation, installation, etc. must be carried out in strict accordance with this requirements to ensure that the filter can be properly and reasonably used.

Second, high efficiency air filters handling and storage

During the handling process, you must be transported in the direction of the diagonal line. The porter should carefully care, prevent the filter from sliding while carrying the filter.

No external force of more than 20kg or more is on the filter. When carrying, both hands and other objects cannot collide with filter materials, such as accidentally touching filter materials, even if they have no damage, they should be scanned again.

The storage location should be a good temperature, cleaning, dry, dry and ventilated system.

The storage period should be re-test more than three years.
Third, high efficiency air filter installation and adjustment

1. High-efficiency air filters should be mounted in an environment of normal temperature, normal pressure, and normal humidity. If the operating conditions are bad, it will inevitably shorten the life of the filter, and it will not work properly after installation. Before installing, the filter appearance is detected, broken, damaged, and the filter is damaged.

2. Be sure to pay attention to the sealing between the filter and the installation frame (or box) during the installation process.

3. When replacing the filter, the static pressure box or the air wall must be completely wiped clean, so as not to fall on the filter, the filter is damaged.

4. When installing, pay attention to the airflow direction of the filter, can be on the wind direction mark on the filter tag. \"\"Installation. The direction of the arrow is the filter out of the wind.

5. When installing, hold the surrounding border with hand, slowly move into the air supply port, can not hold the filter material with the hand and head, so as to avoid filtering efficiency (as shown), hold the surrounding border with hand when installing, slow Slow movement into the air supply, you can't hold the filter material with your hands and your head, so as not to filter the filter, affect the filtering efficiency.

Picture 132

Fourth, high efficiency air filter / HEPA high efficiency filter installation steps:
1. When the high-efficiency air filter (HEPA high efficiency filter) should support the framework of the filter to carry, you need your hands to support the framework of the filter.
2. During the handling of the high-efficiency air filter, pay attention to protect the gasket of the filter.
3. When the packaging of the high-efficiency air filter in the filter is removed, it is forbidden to use a small knife to break and tear it with hand.
4. After the packaging of the high-efficiency air filter is disabled, it is forbidden to touch the filter cartridge with your hand.
5. When installing a high-efficiency air filter, it is forbidden to install the protection net of the filter.
6. When the two people are handling the high-efficiency air filter, keep the balance of the filter and disable the distortion filter.
7. Corresponding to the size of the high-efficiency air filter requires different human hands, such as the portable filter size is greater than 1200 × 600 mm, at least 2 people need to be required, corresponding to the size of the filter, requires different people.
8. When installing a high-efficiency air filter, if it is vertically installed, the filter of the filter should be vertical with the ground.
9. In the label of the outer frame, the direction of the arrow should be consistent with the direction of the airflow, the direction of the arrow is the filter out of the wind.

Picture 12

10. Requires a high-efficiency air filter that requires a temporary storage box as a temporary storage.

Picture 14

Fourth, high-efficiency air filter life and maintenance

In general, the final resistance of the filter is 2-4 times that of the initial resistance, combining the application site purification requirements, and should be replaced in time when the cleanliness requirement is not met.

Usually, the clean area should be performed regularly, and the data detected should meet the design requirements of clean consumption. When the requirements are not required, the filter should be scanned and the sealing of the system is checked. If the filter leaks, it should be supplemented or replaced. When the system is used for a long time to use it again, the clean room should be scanned.

In order to extend the life of the filter, the primary mid-range filter should be replaced when running. Shandong Xinli-Air Purification professional service provider, welcome inquiries! 400-688-3551 / 13165316200               Mobile: 13355281100
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