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Introduction and characteristics of laminar flow hood

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Laminar flow hoodIt is one of the devices that can shield and isolate the operator from the product, and its main purpose is to avoid product contamination. The air sucked from the clean room is then passed through the operating area vertically through the HEPA filter by the fan installed in the top pressurized cabin, providing ISO 5 (level 100) unidirectional air flow for critical areas. The exhaust gas is discharged from below and returns to the clean room area. It is mainly composed of cabinet, fan, high efficiency air filter, damping layer, lamps and so on.

There are two types of clean laminar flow hoods: inside the fan and outside the fan, and there are two installation methods: suspension type and floor stand type.

Cleanliness: Dust with a particle size of ≥0.5μm in the work area ≤3.5 particles/liter (FS209E100 grade)

Noise: ≤65 Db(A)

Average wind speed: 0.36一0.54m/s

Compared with clean rooms, clean laminar flow hoods have the advantages of low investment, quick results, low requirements for plant civil construction, convenient installation, and power saving. They are widely used in precision machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, fine chemicals and other departments.


①Can be used alone or in combination.

②Compared with civil or prefabricated 100-class clean room, it has less investment, quick effect, simple installation and low operating cost.

③The cabinet material is made of color steel plate, high-quality steel plate and stainless steel plate for users to choose.               Mobile: 13355281100
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