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Is the structure of the primary air filter complicated?

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CurrentlyPrimary filterThe classification is wide, and the primary filter is more popular. It has strong versatility, the price is not expensive, and more importantly, it has a compact structure and has applications in many environments. Here is an introduction to the basic characteristics and application scope of the primary filter.

The common application of primary filters is central air conditioning, in addition to clean return air systems and large air compressor pre-filtration systems. It mainly shoulders the role of primary filtration, so the structure is relatively simple. At present, there are many varieties. In addition to the common G1, G2, G3, there are also nylon mesh filters or activated carbon filters, which are replaced by GN and GC respectively.

The structure of the primary filter is very characteristic. From the appearance, it uses a waterproof board, the overall shape is very strong, the placed filter material has been folded, and the diagonal design is especially important. The reason for this treatment is to increase the filtering area and ensure the filtering effect. After the above treatment, the outer frame position will be close to the inner filter material, and the combination of the two is very good, it uses special glue, there will be no air leakage, even in the face of too high wind resistance pressure , There will be no problems.

When people understand the primary filter, they will also come into contact with the disposable paper frame filter. Some manufacturers use general cardboard frames, while others use die-cut cardboard. This type of cardboard is characterized by relatively high strength and the filter element is also very distinctive. It not only uses single-sided wire mesh, but also adds With a special lining, all the fibers are pleated. It looks very nice from the outside, the structure is very strong and will not break.

The scope of application of the two is slightly different. If it is a non-standard product, you can use a cardboard frame; but if you want to buy a standard filter, you must use high-strength materials, which can ensure higher accuracy , Although it does not look pretty.

Finally, let me introduce youPrimary filterMaintenance, we need to maintain according to the frequency borne by the use environment, and the replacement period is 1 to 6 months. The dust particle counter can be used for measurement. If the cleanliness is not high, you should see if you want to replace the filter. Before replacement, you should cut off all power sources and complete it by professionals.               Mobile: 13355281100
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