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Is there a superior filter with a filter area?

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Why do some users choose a large or large-size air filter with a large size or size?

filterThe area of ​​the filtration material becomes \"filter area \". In addition to a small amount of low-efficiency filters, the filter area of ​​a filter is often several times the filter to the wind surface, and several dozens of times, sometimes more than one hundred times. Most of the dust captured is concentrated on the windframe of the filter material. The filter area in the filter is large, and the dust that can be accommodated will be more, and the service life of the filter will be extended. Similarly, the filter area is large, the airflow speed of the material is low, and the resistance of the filter is small. Therefore, increasing the filter area is an effective means of extending the life of the filter.

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According to years of industry experience, generally for the same structure, same filter materialfilterWhen the final resistance is determined, the filter area increases by 50%, and the life of the filter will be extended by 70% -80%; when the filter area is doubled, the life of the filter is about three times. After the filter area increases, the initial resistance will decrease, and the energy consumption of the air conditioning system will drop more or less. Of course, when the filter area is increased, the structure and field conditions of the filter are considered. For example, a bag filter can generally increase the filtering area by increasing the number of filter bags and the length of the filter bag; for conventional partition filter, the possibility of increasing the number of filter mats can be reduced.

The size of the filter area has no significant effect on the efficiency of air filter. But for the user, use the air with a large filter area.filterIt will be higher than the air filter in the air filter area.               Mobile: 13355281100
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