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Main use of sub-high efficiency filters

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Asian high efficiency filterWhat are the main purposes? The following is given you a detailed introduction by Shandong snyli's Xiaobian:

Asian high efficiency filters are also called sub-high efficiency air filters, which are often used for the front end of the high-efficiency filter, and better protect the high-efficiency filter and is one of the frequencies commonly used in air conditioning purification filtration.

Asian high-efficiency filters can be widely used in medical industries, electronics industries, pharmaceutical industries, crystalline materials, semiconductors, food and other industries, can also be used for high temperature venues. Asian high-efficiency filters generally use semiconductor manufacturing workshops, atomic research centers, dust-free chambers, laminarized equipment, tables, etc., etc., etc., etc. Filter outframes can be used: galvanized boxes, aluminum frames, plastic frames, stainless steel frames, paper frames, practices, practices and sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, Shandong snyli air filter products support non-standard customization, product quality Excellent, after the sale is guaranteed.

The sub-high-efficiency filter is filtered through ultrafine glass fiber filter paper or polypropylene filter paper as a filter material. Passing filter paper is made of small insert interval made of paper partition or aluminum foil separator, which is smooth passage, and the outer frame is a galvanized plate, a stainless steel plate or an aluminum alloy profile, which is sealed with a new polyurethane seal. The non-composite ferrous filter paper or polypropylene filter paper is a filter material, separated by a hot melt adhesive, and the outer frame is a cardboard, an aluminum alloy profile or a galvanized sheet, and it is sealed with an environmentally friendly polyurethane seal.               Mobile: 13355281100
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