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Manufacturers take you to understand the difference between the separator

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With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, people's degree of degree of intensity and cleanliness are getting higher and higher. Currentlyair filterHas been widely used in industrial production. In order to ensure that the air filter has sufficient dust removal and low resistance, the filter material in the air filter generally has a filter to dozens of times or more even more, so the folded filter material needs to take it in some way. A layer is separated.

Early high-efficiency filters were separated by corrugated aluminum foil separators. Basically all high-efficiency filters were used in this structure in order to reduce costs. Some manufacturers will use white cardboard as a partition. Some air conditioning filters are currently a partition structure, in some places with safety and temperature resistance, still have to use a separator.

In the 1970s, there was a line with a line with a line of corrugated partboard abroad.air filter. Domestic said \"non-separator filter \" refers to a filter with a certain line or a micro-separator, with a word \"no block \", the original partition structure It became\"with separator \".

Some of the abroad have no partitionable filter and even the resilience does not have a corrugated corrugated corrugated, or let the filter drum \"bubble \". Those filters have no partition, but the non-barrierless blocks mentioned here do not include those filters.

Compared with the traditional partition filter, the non-compliant filter is small, the cost performance is high, and the product quality is easy to control. The non-barrier filter has been widely used, especially in the clean room, and has achieved more and more markets in the general ventilation filter.

Accessibleair filterUltrafine glass fiber filter paper or polypropylene is generally employed as a filter material, a paper partition or an aluminum separator as a separator, and is formed from aluminum alloy frame or galvanized frame glue. There is a relatively large air volume of the partition filter, and the aluminum separator filter is mainly used in a high temperature or high humidity environment, and the paper partition filter is commonly used in a normal clean environment.

The non-separator high-efficiency air filter is a separator with hot melt adhesive as a filter element. The spacing is relatively good, and the stable clean air flow is passed, which has the advantage of small size, light weight, compact, and easy installation. Cleanness requires a high place.

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