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Medium efficiency filter filtration accuracy and selection principle

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Medium efficiency filterRefers to the larger diameter of the foreign particles allowed to pass. The key to the filtration efficiency of the medium-efficiency filter is the filter element. Different filter elements can be selected according to the needs of subsequent components to achieve the corresponding filtering accuracy.

1.Medium efficiency filterFiltration accuracy-The air filter determines the efficiency of the stage air filter according to the cleaning and cleaning standards required by the room, and selects the total number of air filters and the efficiency of each level reasonably. If it is generally required to clean the room, the main effect filter can be used; if the room requires moderate cleaning, the main filter and the medium effect filter should be used. If ultra-purification is required indoors, the initial effect should be used. High-efficiency three-stage purification and filtration should be properly matched to the efficiency of each level of filter. If the efficiency of the two adjacent stages of filters is too poor, the first stage filter will not be able to start the second stage filter. protection.

2.Medium efficiency filterFiltration accuracy-The air filter can accurately measure the dust content and dust particle characteristics in the outdoor air. Since the filter is filtered and purified and then sent indoors, the dust content in the outdoor air is an important data. Especially in the multi-stage purification and filtration process, when selecting a pre-filter, it is necessary to consider factors such as the use environment, the cost of spare parts, operating energy consumption, maintenance and supply.

3.Medium efficiency filterFiltration accuracy-the air filter correctly determines the filter characteristics. The characteristics of the filter are mainly filtration efficiency, resistance, permeability, dust holding capacity, filtration wind speed and processing air volume. When conditions permit, filters with high efficiency, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, moderate filtering wind speed, large processing air volume, convenient manufacturing and installation, and low price should be used. This is an economic analysis. One-time and multiple effects and energy efficiency ratios are considered when selecting air filters.

4.Medium efficiency filterFiltration accuracy-The air filter analyzes the nature of the dust gas. The properties of dust-containing gas related to the selection of air filters are mainly temperature, humidity, acid and alkali, and the amount of organic solvents. Since some filters are allowed to be used at high temperatures, some filters can only work under normal temperature and humidity. The amount of acid, alkali and organic solvents containing dust and gas will affect the performance and efficiency of the air filter.               Mobile: 13355281100
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