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Necessity for air filter on air conditioning system

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air filter

air filterNecessity for air conditioning system

Over the years, air conditioning designers have selected filters based on user environmental needs. Nowadays, people realize that the air conditioning system itself needs a good filter to protect.

What impacts bring to the air conditioning system only with low efficiency filters?

The airway is blocked, and the fouling of the fan is reduced;

The heat transfer component is reduced;

Wheat and humidity and other measurement and control components fail

Dynamic end air supply device failure

Full heat exchange device failed

The intensity of temperature and humidity in the pipeline is an ideal place for microbial breeding

In many central air conditioners, the performance is significantly decreased by two years, open the air conditioner, and the crux is clear. Its phenomenon:

Fully; its root source: The filter is low.

When using the filter, the efficiency specification is F5 (45% color method, European Old Specifications EU5, China Specifications \"), the central air-conditioning system is clear every 5 - 8 years; using F7 efficiency The filter (45%, EU5, high-altered) central air conditioner has been used for more than 30 years without cleaning. In some central air conditioning systems, the filter is only \"dice \", or there is no filter. After several years, the system is unbearable.

The filter for setting the high efficiency of the filter adds some fees, but what is the expense of the cost than the loss brought by the poor filter. Due to the loss caused by the decline in air conditioning, it is much greater than the cost of using a good filter; due to the loss of the air conditioner's life is greater than the cost of using a good filter; due to the shorteness of the air conditioner The loss is greater than the cost of using a good filter; cleaning costs (you will find air conditioning needs to be cleaned) will also be higher than the cost of using good filters.

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