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New (PTFE) high / ULPA

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The type of air filter has a lot of filtering characteristics, field of use are not the same, what filters are PTFE efficient? His characteristics and application areas in which? First, PTFE is polytetrafluoroethylene (Poly tetra fluoroethylene, abbreviated as PTFE), a tetrafluoroethylene monomer as the polymerization of the polymer. White, waxy, translucent, heat resistance, good cold resistance, long-term use -180 ~ 260ºC. This material has acid alkali, resistance characteristics of various organic solvents, almost insoluble in all solvents. Also, polytetrafluoroethylene having high temperature characteristics, its low coefficient of friction. Efficient and PTFE / ULPA filter is a high efficiency particulate air filter made of PTFE film. He has a high filtration efficiency, low pressure loss, high dust holding capacity, tough paper, good sealing, compact structure, easy installation, low resistance, low running cost, long life characteristics. PTFE high efficiency filter can effectively trap particles above 0.3μm, PTFE ULPA filter efficiency up to 99.9995%. Sony below Shandong Xiaobian take you to understand and efficient PTFE / ultra-high efficiency filters are what?
1637806287172Shandong Sony efficient PTFE / ultra-high efficiency filter, high-quality PTFE filter, the filter has a reliable grade H13-U16 level, and low wind resistance, low energy consumption, can be widely used in the semiconductor, electronics, precision manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries .
product material:
Frame: high-quality aluminum
Optional frame thickness: 55mm / 70mm
Filter material: PTFE filter
Armor Network: paint net
Sealant: polyurethane
Gaskets: EPDM, EVA
Support non-standard custom

Product Description:

 in harsh environments, with acid (including hydrofluoric acid), alkali resistance, resistance to organic substances characteristic;
 lightweight and high tenacity, strong anti-destructive;
 low volatility (boron) clean material, to reduce the exhaust gas emissions as impurities (boron, potassium, silicon, etc.); non-metal contaminants;
Compared with general glass material  pressure loss, reduced by about 40%, reduction in energy consumption. Save space and reduce weight;
 thin type, light weight, good sealing, compact structure, easy installation, high efficiency, low resistance, low running costs.

Using high-quality media:

PTFE filter boron, phosphorous and no impurities
 superior chemical resistance to acids (e.g., hydrofluoric acid), a base and an organic solvent having a superior resistance.
 terms relative to the glass fiber filter, PTFE filter can achieve better balance between wind resistance and rejection

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Advanced product testing services:
Shandong Sony has advanced ideas and technology, the company has advanced production and monitoring equipment, advanced HEPA & ULPA filter leak detection test bench, perfect testing procedures, strict quality assurance system and management system, from Shandong Sony factory every piece efficient / ULPA are in strict accordance with EN1822: 2009 standards by Taiwan-by-point automatic scan test, to allow customers with the rest assured!



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