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Nylon mesh air filter

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Nylon meshair filterIt is mainly used for coarse dust filtration. It is generally used for fresh air units, air outlets and other occasions that are in contact with the outside air, indoor air treatment machines and other equipment that require large air flow, and suitable for ventilation and filtration of places with special acid, alkali or high temperature resistance; Used in home air-conditioning and central air-conditioning systems.

Common applications: ventilation systems for large civil buildings such as office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, airports, etc.

The return air filtration of the centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system in general factories.

Primary filtration in the clean room centralized ventilation and air conditioning system.

Nylon mesh filter features: large air volume, low resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, oil mist and high temperature, and effectively remove soot particles; it can be cleaned and used repeatedly, has a long life, and is cost-effective.

Outer frame material: aluminum alloy frame, can be made into a whole group type with handles, easy to replace and safe, good washability, large ventilation, low resistance, high-quality materials, sturdy and durable, and washable.

Frame thickness: 10mm/21mm/46mm

Filter material: polyamide monofilament fiber woven filter material, wear-resistant, high strength, long service life

Highest temperature: 80℃

Highest humidity: 100%

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