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Official! Shandong Xinli has a new change

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In 2020, Shandong Xinli and Shandong Industrial Research Institute strongly jointly, investing 50 million yuan to build air purification products R & D and production bases, realizing the full-scale upgrade of products, brands and technology. \"Shandong Xinli Purification Technology Co., Ltd.\", referred to as\"Xinli Purification \", from May 1, 2021, all filters, filter equipment business, SNYLI brand and marketing service team take over, all The responsibility and obligation of operation and service, by \"Xinli Environment Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd.\", referred to as \"Xinli Environment \" is responsible. Continued by the Xinli Environment for our customers, quality services, the original new force purification all the contractual provisions and commitments for customers do not change.

New era, new journey, new as, Shandong Xinli works in hand in hand, work online!

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