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One minute to learn about air filter replacement

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One. Why the filter is replaced

Shandong snyli Purificationair filterAccording to the filtration efficiency, it can be simply divided into primary, medium and high efficiency air filters. Long-term operation is easy to accumulate dust and particles, which will affect the filtering effect and product performance, and even cause harm to the human body.

Experts suggest that the existing air filter should be replaced and the efficiency of the filter should be increased as much as possible to capture more small particles and help protect the population from pathogens in the air. Particles can cling to larger dust particles or water droplets and spread throughout the building through the ventilation system.

two. When to replace the filter

The filter has leaked / pressure sensor alarm / filter wind speed decreases / air pollutant concentration rises. When the air volume and wind speed of the air filter decrease, the leakage is serious, and the air pollutant concentration rises. Replacement. In addition, when the running resistance becomes greater, it affects the normal use of the machine and makes the running function very unstable. At this time, it also needs to be replaced. The only way to makeair filterRestart normal operation and reduce operating costs.

three. How to replace the filter

1. It is safer for professionals to wear safety equipment. Please wear gloves, masks and safety glasses before removing the end-of-life filter.

2. Discard it in a waste bag

3. Insert newair filter  

4. Safe disinfection

4. For more information about filtration and disinfection, please contact snyli purification technical experts for more professional tips and suggestions.               Mobile: 13355281100
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