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Plate air filter application

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Plate air filter is generally applied to the pre-filtration of general air conditioning and ventilation system, avoiding shaze contamination in the system; pre-filtration of large air compressors; clean room centralized ventilation air conditioning system and return air filtering, extend the use of post-level high-efficiency filters Life; a ventilation system of general industrial plants, general clean demand for air

Product Features:

1, high dust
2, low resistance
3, the plate filter uses a lightweight plate structure, high quality polyester synthetic fiber, low initial resistance

4, efficiency: G3, G4, F5 (EN779)

Structural description:

The plate aluminum alloy frame is used, with ABS plastic angle or aluminum alloy angle, and the structure is stable.
Using a coated polyester fiber filter, make the product have lower resistance and larger shading.


1, general air conditioning and ventilation system pre-filtered, avoiding shag pollution in the system
2, pre-filtering of large air compressors
3, clean room centralized ventilation and air conditioning system and return air filtering, extend the service life of the post-stage high efficiency filter
4, the pre-filtration of the ventilation system of the general industrial plant, achieving general clean demand for air               Mobile: 13355281100
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